Unique Applications for Printed Fabrics in Graphic Displays

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Posted by Craig Zola on Dec 19, 2011 11:38:00 AM

More and more companies are switching to digital print fabrics for their advertising and promotional campaigns. With the new increase in fabric choices and extended widths, using fabric as a retail and exhibition medium can be both cost-effective and convenient. Just walk through any convention center, shopping mall, large retail store or outdoor exhibition area, and note the use of digitally printed fabric.

Why choose digital print fabrics?Click me

  • Fabric is an ideal medium, because it can be colored, designed, stenciled, painted or digitally printed to exact specifications.
  • Digitally printed fabrics are completely accurate and lose nothing of the original design intent.
  • These fabrics are easier to store, pack, unpack, install, dismantle and transport than more rigid, traditional materials.
  • Digitally printed fabrics require less storage space than conventional materials.
  • They are also less bulky, heavy and expensive to transport.
  • Colors are vibrant with clear definition and generally aesthetically pleasing to consumers.
  • Eco-friendly fabrics are recyclable.
  • Digitally printed fabrics can show through or totally block out light.
  • Wider widths and greater fabric selection increases choices for the perfect design.
  • Flame retardant fabrics meet building safety regulations.

Bright overhead banners, flags and soft signage seems to be evident everywhere. Displays and backdrops are frequently decorated with fabric, as favorite brands and styles are promoted in the most eye-catching manner. Event promotions are brought to life with bright, vivid colors. 

How to incorporate digital print fabrics into your business

  • Soft signs are an inexpensive but effective way to advertise.
  • Overhead banners and flags have eye-catching consumer appeal.
  • These fabrics will attractively and effectively replace standing walls at conferences and trade-show exhibitions.
  • Creative minds have used these specially designed fabrics for draperies, floor mats, wallpaper, tablecloths and even lamp shades.
  • In-store advertisers can use these materials to highlight featured brands and labels.
  • Theaters find digital print fabrics ideal for easy-to-handle props.

Whatever your reason, let digital print fabrics bring your dreams and ideas to life.