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Project Spotlight Riviera Canvas Barn 2015 STA Award of Excellence

This Riviera Project Spotlight comes from Aaron & Kym Stroud ~ Smith of Canvas Barn in Swan Reach, Victoria, Australia.

Canvas_Barn_1This Riviera Project Spotlight comes from Aaron & Kym Stroud ~ Smith of Canvas Barn in Swan Reach, Victoria, Australia. They recently won the 2015 STA & OFPANZ Award of Excellence in Marine Fabrication for a project using Riviera Marine fabric. 

Please describe the project specifications?

“Shivoka" is a 56 foot Kings Yacht motor cruiser imported second hand a few years ago from Japan. Her owner lives alone on board, and is 94. He suffers severe rheumatoid arthritis. He is, however, reasonably mentally agile and quite a savvy old fellow, but his arthritis and age are a problem. The client wanted a full fly bridge enclosure- one that would make him the “talk of the town”. The build is as much a “home extension” - creating an extra living room for the client, as it is a functional fly bridge enclosure for a vessel.

Canvas_Barn_2What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client wanted a fly bridge enclosure to be a warm space to sit, relax and take in the serenity without having to fly to tropical Australia. He requested “no binding on the panels”… “too much dirt catches in them”. Clean finishes, and easy to use.  He wanted the fixed rigid solar panel mounted on the radar arch moved to a to be mow ted at the rear of the radar arch. He wanted good lighting inside, lighting he could read with, and a bimini roof that was not traditional- and didn’t look traditional. He wanted it to come off the radar arch. He wanted lots of head room. He is too old to stoop easily. As the son of a Gallipoli veteran, he requested the job be ready for him to host his family from interstate at the 100year ANZAC commemorations.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The owner requested a non traditional bimini, and one that attached to the radar arch. He also requested lots of head room. He wanted it to look like a hard top.

The client’s age, and arthritis means he is limited in his movements. When we installed fittings, he had to be capable of using them. No good having tight bungees or snaps on the door…. he can’t undo them. No good having a rear window that rolls up… he’d fall to his death before he’d be able to roll it up, balanced leaning out along the radar arch. The rear panel is on a fair angle!

The radar arch is low - too low to be able to stand upright if the bimini was kept at that level. (Even if you are a midget… and the client is not!) There was some challenge designing a bimini that could fit in with these requests and still work with the lines of the boat, and function well to spill water.

The bimini was fabricated in stainless, rolled to be quite high. The shape was developed to create an eave around the bow section, providing some shade in the afternoon as the vessel faces west into the summer sun.

The vessel is moored in amongst a lot of fishing vessels and close to a major road. It receives a lot of pollution from exhausts, and gets dirty quickly. The owner likes white, but is unable to keep the vessel as clean as he should.

Canvas_Barn_3What were the results of the project?

The client and his family are really happy that there’s a warm, functional place with good views to hold their party and 2-up games. We were delighted to complete the project while the client is still alive.

Why did you use Riviera Marine fabric?

The Riviera offers an excellent value for the money.  Its easy to work with and being white, it stays relatively clean.  More importantly it remains cleanable for the client.  The color match to hull was just right.  We are confident using this fabric and recommend it to our clients that require a PVC enclosure system.   


Project Name: “Shivoka" is a 56' Kings Yacht Fly Bridge Enclosure using Riviera Marine Fabric 

Trimmer Company: Canvas Barn Marine Trimming

Trimmer Name:  Aaron & Kym Stroud ~ Smith

Fabricator Website: 


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