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Bantex® Curl Free

Are you sick of banners coming off the press and already starting to curl? Bantex® Curl Free fabric is here to help. We offer a reliable, cost-effective, no-edge curl banner fabric for your sign shop or screen-printing business. This means you can be confident knowing you’re selling a high quality, no-curl fabric that your customers will love.

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Straight as an Arrow

Your customers need a banner fabric that performs, but they’re used to digital print and retractable banner fabrics that begin to warp and curl right away. Impress them with our industry-leading no-curl graphic banner fabric instead.

Our engineers work with advanced synthetic fibers to specifically create a graphic banner fabric that will stay straight for the entire life of the banner. Bantex® Blackback Curl Free looks sharp and clear while maintaining its shape in every situation.

Retractable, Not Curlable

Because retractable banners are stored in rolls, they are particularly susceptible to the sort of curling and warping that makes them look worn and messy. Our Curl Free retractable banner fabric keeps retractable banners looking fresh and clean. You can rest easy knowing your customers’ banners will maintain their shape for multiple presentations or conferences.

With Bantex® Curl Free, you’ll work with the absolute best — and you can pass that quality and performance on to your customers.

Keep Digital Prints Looking Great

Bantex® Blackback Curl Free is a premier, lightweight, one-sided fabric that’s ideal for today’s top-of-the-line digital printing processes. The surface is extremely consistent, and ensures that your colors are bright and accurate while the image surface remains smooth and flat. Our no-curl digital printer banner fabric will also rise to the challenge of the most demanding digital printers to produce vivid, accurate images your customers will love.

Safety and Accuracy

Our no-edge curl banner fabric is flame-resistant, which will keep your customers and their images safe from a sudden ignition. Our fabrics also meet the most stringent requirements of the California State Fire Marshall’s office for ultimate peace of mind.

Bantex® Curl Free even combines predictable color clarity with photographic print quality, giving you top-flight performance and accuracy. With our no-curl retractable banner fabric, there are no surprises — only gorgeous, predictable images your customers will love.

No Curl — Guaranteed

If you want a banner that maintains it shape, Bantex® Blackback Curl Free is the best option. We guarantee that your fabric will resist edge curl for five years, and you can pass that guarantee along to your customers. They’ll be happy knowing their banner will perform throughout its lifespan without fading or losing its shape.

Interested in learning more about Bantex® Curl Free banner fabrics? Contact us online or give us a call at 800-772-0036 to request a quote.

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