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Bantex® Banner Media is the premier digital print media for all solvent based, UV curable and latex digital inkjet printers.  Optimal stock widths allow “full-bleed” printing on 36" and 72" output.  Bantex® Banner Media graphic fabrics are manufactured from the highest grades of polymer films to ensure ease of profiling and the highest resolution possible.

Herculite Products Inc. is an ISO 9001 company that is an industry leader of high performance textiles for over 60 years, providing outstanding quality, reliability, and performance to customers worldwide. Herculite Products Inc. is the only manufacturer of PVC laminated banner materials located in the United States.

Bantex® Digital Media are high performance printable fabrics recommended for a wide range of inks and applications; including solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex digital inkjet inks and printers. The Bantex line includes the one-of-a-kind Curl Free products and the strongest outdoor banner material to virtually identical two-sided fully opaque banner material for all indoor POP applications.

Standard stock widths in defect free boxes guarantee printing satisfaction!   Bantex® Digital Media graphic fabrics are manufactured from the highest grades of polymer films to ensure optimal digital prints with the highest resolution possible. As a US manufacturer our ability to respond quickly to market demands whether with quick turnaround or specialized roll sizes is unsurpassed.

Since 2003 the Bantex Authorized Distributor network has supplied the Bantex line of products to the large format digital inkjet market. With over 120 Authorized Bantex Distribution locations across North America Bantex products are readily available to all digital inkjet printers. Free sample rolls are available on any Bantex product at any time from your distributor.

Bantex® Curl Free™ 13oz 2 Sided

The ultimate look of quality for high-profile displays

Applications                                                   Attributes

Retractable banners                                  Guaranteed 5-year Curl Free 

Free-standing and hanging banners    Two-sided printing

Point-of-sale promotions                          Excellent color and image clarity

Banner stands

Bantex® Curl Free™ 10oz 2 Sided

The ultimate look of quality, yet lighter weight, for high-profile displays

 Applications                                                     Attributes

Retractable banners                                      Lighter weight   

Free-standing and hanging banners       Guaranteed 5-year Curl Free

Point-of-sale promotions                             Two-sided printing

Banner stands                                                  Excellent color and image clarity

Bantex® Curl Free 10oz Blackback™ 

When complete banner and sign opacity is required

Applications                                                  Attributes

Retractable banners                                  Complete opacity – black reverse side

Free-hanging banners                              Guaranteed 5-year Curl Free  

Banner stands                                              Excellent color and image clarity   

Bantex® Premier 13oz 2 Sided

Value plus performance combined for colorful banners

Applications                                                     Attributes

Retractable banners                                     Excellent color and image clarity

Free-standing and hanging banners      Two-sided printing 

Point-of-sale promotions                            Performance plus value         

         Banner stands                                                  Indoor or outdoor applications

Bantex® Premier 10oz 2 Sided

Lighter weight with exceptional two-sided color clarity

Applications                                                     Attributes

Retractable banners                                     Excellent color and image clarity

Free-standing and hanging banners       Lighter weight

Point-of-sale promotions                            Two-sided printing

Banner stands                                                 Performance plus value

Bantex® Supreme 18oz 2-Side 

Exceptional durability for two-sided outdoor applications

Applications                                              Attributes

Outdoor graphics                                   Superior strength

Pole and street banners                       Durability outdoors

Stadium decorations                           Wind and weather resistant 

Longer-term installations                    Vivid two-sided printing 

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Graphics Media Fabric Products

The Bantex Digital Media Advantage

Bantex ColorSure Technology™

Encompasses exclusive Bantex components resulting in vivid colors, outstanding image clarity and production efficiency.

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Engineered product

Bantex components include U.S.-sourced vinyl, open-weave polyester and adhesive, with micro-textured printing surfaces for color and image clarity.

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The Bantex line covers multiple applications, from durable two-sided outdoor banners to free-standing Curl Free™ point-of-sale displays.

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HP Latex Certification

HP has certified the Bantex brand as fully compatible with its latex digital inkjet printers.

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Ink Compatibility

Bantex Digital Media proves excellent print results on all digital inkjet printers including latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV curable ink.

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Two-sided printing

Bantex Digital Media is compatible with HP’s Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) for two-sided printing.

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Curl Free™

Bantex Curl Free products are guaranteed for Curl Free performance for five years.

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Defect Free

Defect-free Bantex products are shipped in roll-suspension boxes, assuring consistent first quality and damage-free delivery

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Production Efficiency

Enhanced printing efficiency, speed and reduced waste are achieved through Bantex robust design featuring heat resistance and dimensional stability.

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Made in the U.S.A.

Manufacturing, customer and technical support are based in the U.S. for improved product delivery and services availability.

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Flame retardant

Bantex Digital Media is inherently flame retardant for commercial applications.

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Customized, boxed rolls

Customization available for roll widths and lengths.

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Herculite, Inc.

Bantex Digital Media is manufactured by Herculite, Inc., headquartered in Emigsville, Pennsylvania, a leader in high performance laminated and coated fabrics for more than 60 years.

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"Bantex, Blackback non curl is one of the best products I've used for roll up banners. It's the only product I've found that works perfectly, DOES NOT curl at all. Took me a year to find a good product and this one is it, for those of you who have been having issues. Wish I knew about it sooner, found this at convention in Washington."
Sean M, Sir Speedy Printing

Custom Engineering Fabric Offering

When a project requires specific features or attributes, our experienced development team will customize a product to meet your need. As you develop these new applications Herculite welcomes the opportunity to improve your bottom line. Please contact Herculite’s Customer Care Department at 1-800-772-0036.

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Disclaimer: These fabric qualities are designed to provide appropriate technical information and advice to fabricators and end-users. The information is given in good faith, but because of the many particular factors that are outside our knowledge and control, and affect the use of products, no warranty is expressed or is implied on its accuracy.


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