1633 Compliant Soft and Comfortable Mattress Support Surface

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Herculite Products Inc. known for its line of Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics has introduced a new support surface fabric that complies with the new open-flame flammability standard, 16 CFR Part 1633.

Sure-Chek FR Shield 1633 is a fluid and fire resistant mattress fabric that offers the manufacturer considerable labor cost savings.  The required fire barrier is a component within the fabric itself eliminating the mattress core wrapping process altogether. 

Sure-Chek FR Shield 1633 has been tested to the ASTM Hexagonal Roller Test (Rollator) which simulates 10 years of mattress use (100,000 cycles with a 240 lb. roller).  There was no deterioration of the cover fabric or fire barrier component.

Herculite has successfully qualified three prototype mattresses to 16 CFR 1633 in the following constructions; Innerspring, Foam and Cotton, allowing for manufacturing compliance with a single confirmation prototype.

For more information, contact Will Wanner, Herculite Products Inc. Emigsville, PA, 800-772-0036, wwanner@herculite.com, www.herculite.com.


For analyst and press inquiries, please contact Matt Brommer at mbrommer@herculite.com.
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