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Sure-Chek® Brand Ergonomic Pressure Management Fabrics

Critical to the effectiveness of a pressure management support system, Sure-Chek® mattress fabrics are used to cover and protect the system. Sure-Chek® brands are strong, durable, abrasion resistant and minimize sliding. Our mattress fabrics resist fluid and moisture penetration, resist staining, have antimicrobial properties to protect the fabric and are resistant to popular disinfectants when used as directed. In addition, Sure-Chek® pressure management fabrics have an "engineered-in controlled stretch" to achieve optimal performance of the support system.

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Sure-Chek® Fusion

These mattress fabrics perform best on mattress covers designed to achieve low interface pressure in conjunction with ergonomic pressure management support surfaces. They provide both moisture protection and comfort. These cast urethane products outperform the competition with superior resistance to hydrolysis, a condition that causes cracking due to heat and moisture. They offer maximum stretch and recovery along with superior seam strength. They can be sewn and/or welded.

Sure-Chek Fusion I HP – Cast urethane, polyester backed.  Phthalate free. Halogen free.  Standard color Black

Sure-Chek Fusion III HP – Cast urethane, nylon backed for maximum performance and weldability. Phthalate free. Halogen free. Standard colors include Black, Deep Blue, Royal Blue and Spruce Green.


Sure-Chek® Sure-Thane

This engineered mattress fabric has a supple hand with great body conformability and stretch and recovery properties.  Sure-Chek® Sure-Thane employs unique polymer and film technology resulting in exceptional performance in environments where the surface is exposed to unusual levels of chemicals and cleaning agents.  Standard color Cool Blue.


Linea® 70

This fabric is a soft, protective fabric.  Supple in nature, it accommodates the surfaces of pressure management surfaces.  The unique moisture barrier layer is highly resistant to chemicals.  Phthalate free.  Halogen free.  Standard color Navy Blue.


Sure-Chek® 210d Nylon

This fabric offers a pliable fluid barrier solution.  Phthalate free. Halogen free.  Standard color Navy Blue


Sure-Chek® Comfort

This fabric offers some stretch to allow the inner construction to provide the comfort and support for which it was designed, while also providing a high performance, smooth and cleanable surface.

Sure-Chek® Comfort – Standard colors Aberdeen Rose Color, Black and Navy Blue

Sure-Chek® Comfort 6 - Lighter and Softer 

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