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Herculite started manufacturing in the American industrial heartland more than 60 years ago. An early innovator in synthetic fabrics, we went on to become a leading producer of rugged, high-tech textiles for numerous industries.

Herculite was built on the belief that the combination of advanced science, rigorous standards and testing, and a little grit will make products that stand the test of time. Years later, Herculite remains an industry trendsetter, all while producing American-made products for global suppliers and fabricators.

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Why Made in America Matters…


Contributing to the US Economy and Workforce

We know that being a successful business also means being a good neighbor. Herculite is proud to be an active employer and community partner in both York, Pa and Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

By making our products domestically, we are able to help support the local economy and support our community. In the process, we promote our belief that great products are still made right here in the US.

“The American manufacturing workforce is second to none, and the 12.8 million men and women who make things in America are changing lives with the products they create and the solutions they innovate. Thanks to tax reform and regulatory certainty, manufacturers in the United States have been able to hire new workers, raise wages and benefits and expand their operations. Being a modern manufacturer in America is a source of pride—pride in your workforce, pride in your quality product and pride in being part of an exceptional nation that’s a beacon for freedom and free enterprise.”

Jay Timmons

President & CEO, National Association of Manufacturers (or NAM)

High Quality Standards

Each and every product made by Herculite is manufactured, inspected, and packaged on-site at one of our two manufacturing facilities here in the United States. Our control of the complete manufacturing process give us strict oversight into the quality of the product we send our customers. Our in-house engineering and design team focuses on improving all aspects of the product, ensuring that even our product packaging is high-quality.

Herculite is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified company. These standards and certifications mean our customers can trust that they will receive high quality products every time.


“The #1 benefit [of utilizing domestic manufacturers] is the protection of intellectual property. That includes manufacturing processes as well as products. Some countries, such as China, allow their factories to copy U.S. manufacturing processes and designs. They use this knowledge to make "knock-offs" that they can sell for less. They create just enough differences to avoid costly lawsuits. Once the technology is copied, that genie cannot be put back into the bottle.”

Kimberly Amadeo

Economy expert at The Balance, Author

Supply Chain Agility

Long lead times and up-front payments limit responsiveness and put stress on organizational planning. Buying domestically can shorten your supply chain, resulting in reduced inventory requirements, lowering financial risk, and limiting the opportunity for out-of-stocks.

We keep our supply chains responsive to our customer needs by taking international shipping and politics out of the equation.



Herculite's US-based sales and customer service teams work to address and resolve customer requests faster than anyone else.

Our in-house team of engineers allows for faster response and turnaround time on custom jobs. That way, you can customize and create at the speed of innovation.

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American-Made Products in Your Industry


Awning Fabrics

Natura High Performance Awning Fabric is engineered for outdoor commercial awnings and canopies.

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Healthcare Fabrics

Sure-Chek® brand medical fabrics were patented for use as protective coverins in medical environments.

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Performance Fabrics

Herculite produces high performance Custom & Industrial Fabric that is available up to 98 inches wide.

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Marine Fabrics

For all pleasure craft, power or sail, the marine fabrics by Herculite® provide the best answer for fabric accessories.

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Graphic Media

The Bantex® Digital Media brand covers the full spectrum of interior and outdoor vinyl sign and banner applications

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Tent Fabrics

Tent and Structure Fabrics from Herculite fulfill the full range of tent and semi-permanent structure needs.

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Proud U.S. Military Supplier

Our troops face challenging environmental conditions in far flung parts of the world. The fabrics we produce keep them dry, warm, and comfortable, even in the harshest situations.

Herculite has been a proud partner with the U.S. Military for more than 50 years. Our military grade tents, uniforms, and tactical fabrics provide our soldiers with the support they need in the field.

There’s much more to military fabrics than advanced camouflage — our military-grade materials are custom treated for UV resistance, waterproofing, heat and cold, and numerous other situations that our troops face on a daily basis.

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