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Weather-Chek® Awning and Shade Fabric

Weather-Chek is a unique outdoor textile featuring the textured look of a woven textile without sacrificing the performance attributes and benefits of a commercial grade engineered thermoplastic.

Offering outstanding performance, value, and durability — as well as a broad palette of dramatic color choices — Weather-Chek awning and shade fabric provides the look and dimensional stability needed to create architectural canopies that make bold statements about the facilities where they are used.

Weather-Chek uses a revolutionary architectural shade composite that incorporates specially engineered flexible polymer technology with a high performance polyester substrate. Made in America, Weather-Chek utilizes a unique hybrid construction that delivers exceptional tear and tensile strength blended with flexibility and softness.

Trusted to stay pliable and vibrant over time, Weather-Chek fabrics are engineered to deliver extreme strength and long-lasting dimensional stability. The Weather-Chek PVC and polyester composite fabrics contain superior outdoor vinyl pigments to ensure prolonged color retention and ultraviolet protection.

Weather-Chek is waterproof as well as mold-, dirt-, and stain-resistant. This unique formulation contains mildew inhibitors that stop mildew growth before it starts.

  • SPF 50+
  • Waterproof
  • Made in America
  • 12 vibrant colors and patterns
  • Age, fade, dirt and mildew resistant
  • 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Can be sewn or welded using heat, radio frequency, solvent, hot air or wedge welded
  • Waterproof, dimensionally stable; no shrinkage, stretch, sagging, pocketing or leakage common to woven awning fabrics
  • Flame retardant; CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701, ASTM E84 Class A, M2
  • Rain Kleen II top coat for prolonged fabric life and enhanced cleanability
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Versatile and Always Easy to Use

Weather-Chek is specially engineered for easy fabrication into whatever design inspires you. Additionally, Weather-Chek is made using a special proprietary blend that resists scratching and eliminates installation-related damage. That helps you get the best possible look for your finished awning.

Protected Against the Elements

Weather-Chek fabrics are top coated with Herculite’s Rain Kleen®, a specially formulated and proprietary top coating system that helps prolong fabric life and preserve its color intensity. Weather-Chek is flame resistant and meets the requirements of the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM).

Custom Made in the USA

Weather-Chek is made in our facility in York, Pennsylvania for the finest in quality control. All our textiles are packaged to the highest standards to ensure easy use. Herculite is available through the top distributors nationwide.

Unlock Your Creativity

The fabric has a textured matte surface and can be assembled using standard or wedge-welding processes. It’s the ideal architectural PVC composite fabric for shade structures and canopies, poolside structures, car shelters, patio covers, walkway coverings, privacy screens, curtains and in-home decorative ceilings, awnings and drapes.


Width 62 inches/1.57 meters
Roll Size 50 yd.
Weight 18 oz./yd²
Break Strength Warp direction: 240; Fill direction: 180
Tear Strength Warp direction: 70; Fill direction: 60
Hydrostatic Burst 350 PSI
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Dimensional Stability Excellent
Flexibility Excellent in both hot and cold environments
Flame Resistance Meets California State Fire Marshall Title 19, NFPA-701 ASTM E84-81A Flame Spread Rating Class A (15)
Mildew Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Water Repellency Excellent – Waterproof
Oil Resistance Excellent
Sewability Excellent
Flame Retardant CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701 ASTM E84 Class A
Sizes Rolls of up to 50 yards are 62 inches wide

Care and Cleaning

Weather-Chek Architectural Awning Fabric is a polyester reinforced PVC fabric that will provide many years of exemplary service. Properly fastened to the frame, it will retain its dimension as well as its protective function and aesthetic value.

Since no industrial textile is impervious to all hazards, periodic and proper maintenance is important if maximum life of the product is to be realized. Detailed care and cleaning instructions can be obtained from the manufacturer or distributor of Weather-Chek Awning Fabric.

Full Weather-Chek Care and Cleaning information available here.

Limited Warranty

Weather-Chek carries a ten-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Complete warranty terms and conditions are available from Herculite Products Inc.

Weather-Chek Warranty information available here.

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