Sure-Chek® Micro-Vent® Pillow Fabric

Microvent Pillow fabrics are whisper soft and comfortably quiet. The unique Microvent system contains thousands of microscopic air vents providing needed air displacement for additional comfort. Constructed from specially formulated hypoallergenic thermoplastic films and synthetic fibers. They are fluid resistant and contain a unique antimicrobial system to protect the pillow fabric for the life of the product. This is the original wipe down pillow fabric offering both comfort and function, Herculite Products has been manufacturing these specialty fabrics for more than 60 years.



Comfortable and Clean


Sure-Chek® Micro-Vent®

The original wipe-down pillow ticking fabric that offers comfort and function at a good value. This fabric contains thousands of microscopic air vents providing needed air displacement for added comfort.

Sure-Chek® Micro-Vent® Comfort

Sure-Chek Micro Vent Comfort is a 6 oz version of Sure-Chek Micro Vent Soft, providing longer lasting performance


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How do I maintain my Microvent Pillows?


Sure-Chek® Antimicrobial fabrics were designed to be safe, comfortable, and long lasting. They are designed resist staining from most medications, oils, grease and contaminants and the Sure-Chek antimicrobial fabric protection system performs for the life of the fabric. To maximize the life of these products, Herculite® recommends regular cleaning as follows:


Soils or Stains: Use neutral soap suds and lukewarm water. Do not use harsh cleansers, solvents or detergents.

Hard-to-Clean Spots: Use standard household/vinyl cleansers and a soft bristle brush and gentle agitation on troublsome spots or stains. Presoak heavy, dried-on soil.


All Sure-Chek fabrics may be cleaned with a 1:10 dilution of household bleach containing 5.25% hypochlorite to water, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA. There is no harmful effect on the fabric when this dilution ratio of household bleach is used.

If aggressive disinfectants are necessary, phenolic disinfectants are acceptable for use on vinyl products, and quaternary disinfectants are acceptable for use on urethane products. Concentrated phenolic disinfectants are not recommended for use on urethane products. Concentrated quaternary disinfectants are not recommended for vinyl products. These disinfectants should always be used in the dilutions recommended by the manufacturers. Improper dilution can cause damage to these fabrics.


There are many popular disinfectants being used in care facilities. Cavi-Wipes and Virox5 are two of these that have been tested by Herculite and found to be acceptable for use with these fabrics when used according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Other specific products can be tested by Herculite when the request is accompanied by an unopened product sample. Contact your Sales Representative to coordinate this. Results are communicated in approximately 4-6 weeks.


Disinfectants applied at full concentration or in highly concentrated solutions may damage the fabric and will decrease the useful life of Sure-Chek fabrics.

Iodophor type disinfectants used on these fabrics may result in staining. If stains from Idopher (i.e. iodine bearing) type disinfectants are not treated with a diluted (10 to1) bleach solution within 20 minutes of application or spillage, staining will occur.

Storage of fabrics that have not been dried thoroughly before folding and storing can promote the growth of mildew.

Detailed care and cleaning instructions can be obtained from the fabricator or manufacturer.

Fabric Care and Cleaning information available here.

What are the typical properties?

  Microvent Soft Microvent Comfort
Material Vinyl laminated on a soft nonwoven polyester substrate. Material is vinyl laminated on a polyester jersey knit substrate.
Colors 3 Colors Available White
Width 54 inches 54 inches
Length 100 yds. 100 yds.
Weight 5 oz./yd² 6 oz./yd²
Welding Stitching, Ultrasonic, and Cementing Stitching, Ultrasonic, and Cementing
Flame NFPA 702 NFPA 702
Antimicrobial ISO 22196 ISO 22196
Healthcare Innovations

Sure-Chek Antimicrobial Fabrics

Sure-Chek® fabrics incorporate a proprietary antimicrobial additive. This controlled release feature allows the migration of the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface effective for the life of the product. The antimicrobial agent helps protect the fabric from microbial attack and reduces undesirable organic odors. Sure-Chek® brand antimicrobial fabrics were developed for health care and patented for use as protective covering fabrics in medical environments. Developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals, they have been the industry standard for over 60 years.


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