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Herculite Natura® Awning Fabrics

Natura High Performance Awning Fabric is engineered for outdoor commercial awnings and canopies. It is suitable for sewing, welding, digital printing and fabrication by various means common in the awning fabrication industry. Natura is a unique technical textile featuring the look, feel and aesthetic features of a natural, woven cloth on both the face and reverse sides of the fabric with the performance attributes and benefits of an engineered thermoplastic.

An advancement in technical textiles, Natura's technology makes it possible for the architect/specifier to select a high performance fabric that compliments the building and its features.

Natura integrates into one product, a fabric-like technical textile with a natural fabric design element. Flame resistance, long term weathering, complete waterproof, mildew/fungal resistance, self-cleaning, dimensional stability and durability are achieved through a proprietary thermoplastic polymer formulation. This fabric can be sewn/welded and framed over appropriate awning structures.

Herculite's patented Natura® uses innovative production techniques to provide your patrons with a durable, high-performing waterproof awning fabric that is perfect for restaurants and other businesses. With a wide variety of styles available, Herculite® Natura® offers a fresh, clean look for years to come.

Protected against the elements by advanced coating technology, Patented Herculite® Natura® is a waterproof awning fabric that will maintain a fresh look for the life of the fabric. Your clients won’t have to worry about stretching, warping, or staining. Patented Herculite® Natura® is built to take some of the toughest punishments harsh climates have to offer.

  • SPF 50+
  • Waterproof
  • Made in the USA
  • Ten vibrant colors
  • Eight-year warranty
  • Digitally printable; vinyl-based ink receptive
  • Can be sewn or welded using radio frequency, heat, solvent, hot air or wedge welding methods
  • Fire resistant: CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701, ASTM E84 Class A
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Putting a Fresh Face on Your Business

When your client’s restaurant or café needs outdoor seating, commercial awning fabric, Patented Herculite® Natura®, is the stylish choice. With a range of styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits with your customers’ existing look or helps them create a new one. Our representatives can help you choose styles that fit today’s trends or give a new spin on a classic look.

When you choose patented Herculite® Natura®, you’ll have the styles and colors you need to offer your customers the awning looks they want.

Serving Your Customers for Years to Come

Our fabric manufacturer integrates the latest techniques to keep patented Herculite® Natura® looking bright and beautiful. It has the strength, stretch, and flexibility to conform to the most demanding awning shapes while remaining tight and wrinkle-free. Whether it’s a commercial canopy fabric or a waterproof café awning fabric, patented Herculite® Natura® will serve your customers’ awnings for years to come.

Perfect Fit

Our fabrics fit various awnings’ shapes with no muss and no fuss, and patented Herculite® Natura® has the perfect fit and stretch for your awnings. Curves, wraps and corners are all a breeze as our fabric conforms to the most demanding awning constructions. Its advanced fibers provide the ideal balance of strength and flexibility, so they’ll take the shape you want and stay there.

Staying Durable, Clean and Dry

Patented Herculite® Natura® is engineered to withstand punishment both from the elements and from the wear-and-tear that outdoor fabrics are exposed to. Our fabric is resistant to:

  • Water
  • Stains
  • Oil
  • Mildew
  • Sun and UV Rrays

It’s also easy to clean, and often needs just a quick spray with a hose to remove any dirt. Occasionally, a quick brushing with a soft-bristled brush will help with excess dirt as well. Most importantly, no extensive washing or stain removal is needed to keep patented Herculite® Natura® fabric looking its best.

Our fire-resistant commercial awning fabric also comes with an eight (8) year manufacturer’s limited warranty. To learn more about our patented Herculite® Natura® awning fabric, contact us online or give us a call us at 800-772-0036.


Description High Performance PVC Composite core stabilized with high tenacity yarn.
Weight 18 oz. per lineal yard
Width 60 inches / 152.4 centimeters
Surface Textured to resemble a woven fabric 
Transparency Some light color shades offer some illumination.
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Dimensional Stability Excellent
Flexibility Excellent in both hot and cold environments
Flame Resistance Meets California State Fire Marshall Title 19, NFPA-701 ASTM E84-81A Flame Spread Rating Class A (15)
Mildew Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Water Repellency Excellent – Water Proof
Oil Resistance Excellent
Sewability Excellent
Heat Sealability Excellent. Can be sealed by hot air weg welder or radio frequency bar type.

Care and Cleaning

Natura® Awning Fabric is a polyester reinforced PVC fabric that will provide many years of satisfactory service. It is waterproof, flame, mildew, stain and dirt resistant. Natura® is dimensionally stable. Properly fastened to the frame, it will retain its trim fit as well as its protective function and aesthetic value. Since no material is impervious to all hazards, proper maintenance is important if maximum life of the product is to be realized.

The following maintenance suggestions are offered:

  1. Keep clean. Occasional hosing with clear water will prevent dirt accumulation. Most dirt accumulation
    can be removed by mild soap, water and a soft scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly. In
    extreme cases, most dirt can be removed by applying half strength bleach and brushing softly
    to cover thoroughly the necessary area. Allow solution to remain for two or three minutes, then
    thoroughly rinse with clear water, protecting surrounding materials or plant growth that might
    be damaged by the bleach. Do not use solvent based cleaners.
  2. In areas particularly conductive to mildew, brush away any visible accumulation of dirt on
    underside. Mildew can grow on dirt, but does not grow on or attack the Natura vinyl.
  3. Use care during installation, take down and transporting. Frictional heat, particularly at the
    folds, can damage the surface. Sufficient frictional heat can create holes.
  4. Avoid excessive wind whip or flapping. Normally fastened sections or panels should be rolled
    or restrained when not in use.

Limited Warranty

Herculite Natura® Awning Fabrics are guaranteed for a period of eight (8) years from date of original installation against rot or excessive deterioration, mildew stains, excessive loss of strength or color change if they occur in normal use and exposure, including sunlight and normal atmospheric chemicals. (Some color change is unavoidable due to ultraviolet rays and chemicals in the atmosphere).

In the unlikely event of failure of fabric during the eight (8) year period from date of original installation, Herculite Products Inc. will guarantee 100% replacement of the fabric to the original owner of the awning for the first five (5) years. Coverage is prorated for the three (3) year remainder of the warranty with a credit of 1/96th being applied toward the purchase of replacement material for each month remaining on the warranty. Herculite’s liability will be limited to the replacement of the fabric only and does not cover labor, installation or decorations.

This warranty protects you against damage to the fabric accessories used under normal conditions. It does not cover damage to the fabric from acts of God, vandalism, neglect or improper use. This warranty requires that the user implement proper care and maintenance as defined within Natura, Handling and Maintenance Instructions.

This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied, and, Herculite Products Inc. will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damage. Any implied warranties imposed by law are limited in time to the duration of the expressed warranty.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damage, so, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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