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Coastline Plus® Awnings and a 100 mph Wind Rating Limit

Herculite recently upgraded the specifications of Coastline Plus® to a 100 mph wind-rating limit as required by several counties in Florida.

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Emigsville, Pennsylvania (June 1, 2007) - Herculite Products Inc. recently reviewed the product specifications of Coastline Plus® with relationship to a 100 mph wind-rating limit as required by several counties in Florida.

The technical department was quick to point out that the real stress and wind resistance of a Coastline Plus® awning would be generated at the mounting points where the supports are anchored to the building.  The engineering of the awning frame structure is critical to the wind resistance of the finished awning.  The placement of grommets, rafter bands and truss supports also provide the strength requirements for the finished awning.

There is a formula that equates wind pressure velocity to pressure per square inch on the fabric:

Wind pressure in MPH squared, multiplied by .00256, then divided by 144 = PSI (pressure per square inch on the fabric)

PSI = [V^2 x .00256] / 144

An illustration using a 100 mph wind would be as follows:

100 MPH X 100 = 10,000 X .00256 = 25.6 PSF / 144 = .18 PSI

Using the formula we can determine a 100 MPH wind places approximately .18 PSI on the fabric.  The approximate fabric burst strength of Coastline Plus® is 300 PSI.

The strength of a vinyl laminated fabric (which is superior to a coated vinyl of equal weight) is derived from the supporting scrim fabric.  Coastline Plus® uses one of the strongest scrim fabrics in the industry.  While extremely strong it also provides excellent tear strength and dimensional stability.

In conclusion, the Coastline Plus® fabric by Herculite will meet the requirements of a 100 MPH wind resistance provided the supporting frame construction is properly engineered.

For more information, contact Customer Care, Herculite Products Inc. Emigsville, PA, 800-772-0036,,

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