The Miami Awning Company has been in business since 1929, and has used Herculite fabrics throughout the years for both residential and commercial projects. When they were hired by Lynn University for a large-scale project, Miami Awning had no question where to turn for their fabric needs due to the long-standing, successful relationship with Herculite.

Client’s Challenge

Lynn University contracted Miami Awning Company to build two 66'-2”x15'-3” canopies for the Bobby Campbell Soccer Stadium that were to cover the stands.

The previous canopies at the stadium were in desperate need of an upgrade. The university had two simple, fold-up mesh-type covers. Lynn University wanted the old canopies replaced with a canopy structure featuring a more modern design, colors matching the school’s colors, and that would ultimately provide improved shading and weather protection for spectators.

Herculite’s SolutionCampbell_Stadium_3.jpg

Miami Awning Company chose Herculite's Coastline Plus product line, in ocean blue. It was a perfect fit with Lynn University's school color.

Herculite's Coastline Plus features over 100 different styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, finding the perfect match wasn't difficult. Anita Martin, Miami Awning's Design Coordinator, said, “Using Herculite's Coastline Plus, Ocean Blue canopy fabric matched the colors of the school. [And] that was one of the reasons for selecting [the] fabric.”

As well as matching the colors, the Coastline Plus line is fire-retardant, water resistant, and fits tightly onto the frame. Miami Awning used 120 yards of the fade, dirt, age, and mildew-resistant Herculite fabric to construct the desired canopies.

Impressive Results

The old mesh canopies were removed, and the dual canopy structure with matching colors was built to order. Lynn University could not have been happier with the results. 

Lynn University officials were pleased with the contemporary look of the new canopies. Thanks to the Herculite Coastline Plus fabric, more than 500 spectators can now take in the many events Lynn University sponsors, while being protected from the rain and harmful UV rays alike.

Herculite's versatility and wide selection of quality fabrics played a key factor in Miami Awning Company's success. “We have enjoyed working with Herculite and will continue offering their fabrics to our clients. I would also highly recommend them to others,” said Martin.

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“Lynn University faculty, students, athletes, alumni and spectators are thrilled and excited with the outcome of the project. Numerous events are scheduled throughout the year and now they can be enjoyed more comfortably. These canopies perfectly shade and cover the area for the late afternoons when the sun is at its hottest. They make an architectural statement, while providing protection from rain, as well as UV protection.”
Anita Martin, Miami Awning Design Coordinator.
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