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3 Easy Eco Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Posted by Mike Gatti on Dec 12, 2017 4:25:23 PM

Millennials tend to look for restaurants that serve eco-friendly, organic, and local food. They also love to eat out, going to restaurants 14% more than their parents’ generation. That trend might be changing, however, thanks in part to the proliferation of healthy meal kit delivery services which make it easier to cook at home.

Restaurants will need to adapt in order to remain appealing to millennial audiences. One way restaurants can get their attention is to take their commitment to sustainability beyond food, and begin implementing eco-friendly design to limit energy consumption.

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How Quality Awning Fabrics Can Save Retail Stores Money

Posted by Mike Gatti on Nov 9, 2017 9:06:00 AM

When bidding out retail projects, firms are always looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. Form and function are important, but cost is often the paramount concern for most retail businesses.

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3 Things to Consider When Sourcing Awning Fabrics for Public Buildings

Posted by Mike Gatti on Nov 6, 2017 10:11:00 AM

Civic architecture demands a unique approach, considering the community context of a project and also the particular needs of local government clients. Architecture firms that work on publicly funded buildings have usually experienced the ups and downs of this process.

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Awning Fabrics Add Flair to Drab Commercial Projects

Posted by Mike Gatti on Oct 11, 2017 1:24:00 PM

Designing commercial projects is a highly collaborative process that is guided by the specific needs of clients and the site. Commercial project soften let form follow function to the extreme, and the end result can often border on the utilitarian. This is the nature of commercial design, but the most successful firms have developed strategies over time that create space for uniquely creative touches within a highly functional framework.

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How Awning Outdoor Fabrics Can Help You Save Big on Energy Costs

Posted by Mike Gatti on Mar 30, 2017 7:27:31 PM

Did you know that awnings provide more than just shade? Awnings can actually cut your energy bill down and save you hundreds of dollars. In fact, a study conducted by the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association indicated that awnings can save homeowners up to $200 annually in energy costs.

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Don't Let Changing Weather Patterns Doom Your Outdoor Awning Project

Posted by Mike Gatti on Mar 28, 2017 4:54:25 PM

Awnings built with high quality fabrics are made to withstand the rigors of the outdoors; wind and other inclement weather shouldn’t put a stop in your plans. Whether you live in a sunny state or a rainy state, awnings are designed to stand up to varying weather patterns. Specialty fabrics designed specifically for awning applications are developed with waterproof resistant qualities and UV resistance; these textiles are durable, reliable, and adaptable to changing weather patterns.

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Changing Awning Fabric Colors Can Provide Buildings a New Look at a Minimal Cost

Posted by Mike Gatti on Mar 14, 2017 2:28:04 PM

The look of a business depends on more than the shape of the building it occupies or the color of the exterior paint. In fact, a business’ identity or brand is more than just a logo, product, or service; it’s about overall presentation.

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How to Know If You Have a Rainproof Awning

Posted by Mike Gatti on Dec 5, 2016 2:32:00 PM

Rain can be a cause of concern for many reasons -- it makes driving more difficult, can cause leaks in your house, etc. -- but for small business owners, it can be even worse. Worries about decreased foot traffic or leaks at your store can keep you up through the night. If your business makes use of an awning and you don’t know whether or not it’s waterproof, that can be another source of concern.

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Indicators That Your Waterproof Canopy is Actually Waterproof

Posted by Mike Gatti on Nov 25, 2016 1:39:00 PM

In almost all cases, it’s extremely important for canopies to be waterproof. Even if your area doesn’t get a lot of rain, the canopy needs to protect people from rain and to not be affected by rain in other negative ways when it does occur. If you were under the impression you had bought a waterproof canopy but it’s now starting to leak or show signs of water damage, you may have bought a canopy that was simply water resistant or made waterproof in a short-term way.

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