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How Quality Awning Fabrics Can Save Retail Stores Money

Learn how choosing a quality awning fabric cna save retail businesses moneey.


When bidding out retail projects, firms are always looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. Form and function are important, but cost is often the paramount concern for most retail businesses.

If you’re looking for a novel area in which to gain a competitive advantage, you might consider the humble awning. To potential clients, awnings can seem like an afterthought. Quite often though they can serve multiple purposes for a building, provide energy savings while making it easier to attract customers.

The choice of fabric can be an important factor in the overall cost of the awning. Using a higher quality fabric means easier cleaning and greater resistance to the elements. These fabrics last longer and provide continuing value to potential retail clients. It’s important not to overlook this component of the building design during the bidding process. Let’s take a closer look at how high quality awning fabric can save retail businesses money.

Reductions in Energy Costs through Smart Awning Design


The use of awnings can help retail clients save on their building energy costs. Awnings augment window design to prevent solar heat gain during the summer. For windows that face either south or west, awnings can substantially reduce solar heat gain. In the winter in colder climates, awnings can even be retracted or redirected to allow more light in, providing a passive heating boost. Awnings serve to reduce energy costs throughout the year: air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

The quality of the fabric used in the awnings often has a significant effect on how well it creates these energy savings. A low-quality awning fabric may allow too much light through or may degrade over time. Herculite offers several different types of awning fabric for retail stores. These fabrics are waterproof and resistant to fading and other damage that might diminish the energy-saving potential. They are also available in a variety of colors and stripe patterns to help match the project’s aesthetics.

Easier to Clean = Lower Maintenance Costs and Longer Life


In explaining the benefits of awnings to potential clients, you can emphasize how easy these fixtures can be to maintain. The material makes the difference here; low quality fabrics are difficult to clean and can degrade over time without significant care.

By choosing a better quality fabric, you not only offer awnings that are longer lasting and look nicer, but ones that are easier to maintain. Retail stores can save on both labor and supply costs. Herculite prides itself on how easy its awning fabrics are to clean. Their Rain Kleen® top coat helps to both prolong the fabric life and enhance its cleanability.

When fabrics are easy to clean, it helps to ensure that awnings look their best with the least effort. There’s no time-consuming and expensive industrial cleaning. When awnings are dirty, they detract from a retail business and repel potential customers. Most people don’t find dilapidated fixtures welcoming.

Better Fabrics Stand Up to All Weather Conditions


Awnings protect customers and employees from the elements, while providing shade for the store. Since these awnings are taking the brunt of the environment, from rain, sun, and even snow, they also need to have a strong degree of resistance to the elements. Choosing low quality materials can mean that your clients have to spend money constantly repairing or even replacing the awnings. In bidding for projects, it’s valuable to promote fixtures that will endure over time, saving money on maintenance or replacement.

Herculite fabrics hold up through all seasons. They are mildew resistant to prevent damage from rain or humidity.  They are also waterproof, ensuring that long-term exposure to rain and snow doesn’t damage the material like it can with cheaper, lower-quality fabrics. In winter, they stand up to a substantial snow load. Choosing weatherproof fabric ensures the best value for your clients and makes for a compelling pitch.

Competitive Advantage is in the Details


Winning a bid for a retail store project can often hinge on small details. Paying attention to fixtures like awnings, as well as the fabrics they’re made from, can make the difference.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the best available materials and understand how their durability and ease of cleaning help ensure they provide energy-savings and element-shielding benefits.. High quality fabrics like those produced by Herculite provide just that. By including these details in a bid, you can show retailers how committed you are to saving them money in the long term through the building’s design.

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