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Trust Factor: Three Questions For Choosing an Awning Fabrics Maker

Struggling to figure out how to decide which awning fabrics manufacturer to go with for your new project? This post will give you some guidance.


Awnings are an attractive and functional addition to any existing or new building project. Beyond merely improving a building’s appearance, awnings help to reduce solar heat gain, increase outdoor living space, protect interior furnishings, and reduce energy costs. During the sweltering summertime, awnings can help protect families and customers from exposure to harmful UV rays, sunburns, and dehydration.

But whether you’re currently building a new structure or merely looking to add awnings to an existing building, quality is paramount. The first step in finding quality awning fabric is finding an awning fabric maker you can trust.

Here are three key questions to ask when selecting an awning fabric maker.

How Is Their Customer Service?

You want to be sure you are choosing an awning fabric maker that will provide good customer service. Good customer service reflects heavily on a provider’s entire business. If customer service is exceptional, then products, shipping, returns, and other services will likely be outstanding. Conversely, if customer service is poor, there’s a strong likelihood that the products will also be of inferior quality.

Good customer service is defined by treating customers with a friendly, helpful attitude and providing accommodating, efficient service.

Do They Use High Quality, Durable Materials?

Not all awning fabric is created equally. Awnings are made from different materials, including:

  • Vinyl or polyester composites
  • Acrylics
  • Natural materials like canvas or linen

Regardless of what the awning is made from, quality awning fabric should be both attractive and durable. It should also be resistant to weather elements like rain and blazing sun. It should be stain-resistant and easy to clean using a cleanser or bleach.

Regarding fabric for your awnings, you want to work with a provider who uses material resistant to things like UV rays, mildew, and mold. On the other hand, an awning fabric maker that uses poor-quality materials is unlikely to be able to furnish you with the quality awnings you’re looking for.

Do They Have a Wide Selection of Colors and Styles Available?

Beyond their functional qualities, the primary purpose of an awning is to provide an exterior highlight to a building. That’s why when choosing an awning fabric maker, you want to be sure and find one that offers a wide selection of colors and styles.

Just as you don’t want to compromise quality, neither should you compromise on aesthetics. A quality, trustworthy awning fabric supplier should also be able to furnish you with materials of the right color and style to complement your business or building project.

Quality Fabrics Make a Quality Awning

Awnings, which have been in use in one form or another since ancient times, are a great addition to any building, residential or commercial. They protect from the sun, provide energy savings, and can increase the value of your property.

But quality is essential for your awnings, which begins with choosing the right awning fabric maker. Thankfully, by asking the right questions upfront, it’s possible to find a trustworthy awning fabric supplier who can furnish you with suitable material for your project. Herculite maintains an array of quality, durable, attractive awning fabrics in various styles and colors.

Now that you know a little bit more about the questions to ask when choosing an awning fabrics maker, download our free guide, "Five Factors to Consider when Determining Awning Quality"

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