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Build Your Brand With Signs and Awnings

Here are some quick points and tips on how to use signs and awnings to help brand your company

EXCEL_Golden_Hill_1A_edited-1.jpgRegarding marketing and branding, we often think of direct mail advertising, radio or newspaper ads, and promotions. But there are several other ways to market and brand your company using logos and keywords or critical messages without going the traditional route of buying ads: signs and awnings.

How might this work? Here are some quick points and tips on how to use signs and awnings to help brand your company:

  • Awnings with a company logo present a credible and perhaps memorable front for your business. People respond to graphics, and if they walk into your business with an awning that has a beautifully printed design of your company’s logo, they’re more likely to remember you.
  • Signs and Banners are a great way to brand your company. Using signs with your logo or key message can help call people’s attention to your business, especially restaurants and other walk-in shops.
  • Using a sign at a tradeshow or banner is another way to brand your company and give it an identity people can remember. When people walk by a tastefully made banner or sign versus a table with only pamphlets, they’re likelier to stop at your booth.
  • Using a combination of a logo and a short key message or phrase with your sign or banner is another way to grab potential customers’ attention; that’s why signs and banners are a great, affordable way to market your company’s brand identity.

Also, remember that a brand is the identity of your company that people can recognize and associate it with later. It’s like planting a seed that can grow into a sale should a person think of something they need or want and then remember your company’s logo. That’s why having a good brand and graphics to support it is essential.

Keep in mind that when you print on awnings or banners, or other types of signs, it’s important to remember to use quality materials and ink. After all, you don’t want someone to walk by your business and see a faded banner, sign, or awning.

Remember, not all banners or awnings are made with the same type of ink or specialty fabric. Depending on what you’re looking for, you want to ensure the ink and material you use is appropriate for your climate.

Once you’ve got a basic understanding of the types of materials you can use for banner signs and awning graphics, you can take the next step and utilize these products to help establish and support your company’s brand identity.

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