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Slide on Wire Awnings Fabrics

A slide on wire awning is a shade structure that uses fabric panels, cable, and hardware clips to “slide” open or close whenever you want.

Slide_on_wire_awning.jpgDid you know shade structures can be versatile? For example, slide-on-wire awnings are an excellent way to utilize shade structures without having to be tied or fixed to one solid piece of fabric.

What is a Slide-On-Wire Awning?

Basically, it’s a shade structure that uses fabric panels, cable, and hardware clips to “slide” open or close whenever you want. The swale-like fabric panels literally slide on wires. You control how much you want to open or close the panels and ultimately how much sunlight or shade you want. Slide-on-wire awnings also allow you to unclip the fabric panels for care or storage.

Choosing the Right Awning Fabric

The type of fabric these slide on wire canopies use include vinyl, acrylic, canvas, mesh, and more. In fact, the fabrics you can use vary and choosing the right one for your outdoor living project depends on where you live and what you’re looking for.

For example, some fabrics are designed to be waterproof while others are made to be fire resistant. If you live in a rainy area then you probably want waterproof fabric. Or if you live in hot areas like the desert then fireproof fabric might be a good choice.

But wherever you are or whatever you project needs might be, keep in mind that you should use fabric that not only suits your tastes but also provides features that you can use. Remember, awnings aren’t just for looks, they’re also there to help protect your guests and furniture from the harmful rays of the sun and from inclement weather.

Remember, when you’re considering installing an awning or a slide-on-wire shade structure, or any kind of outdoor living piece, it’s important to know that there are a variety of fabrics you can use. Just do your due diligence and find the one that suits your environment and your needs.

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