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Types of Awning Sun Shades

Awning sun shades offer a lot to the consumer. The right type of sun shades will offer several key benefits and provide years of service.

Sun Awning

Awning sun shades offer a lot to the consumer. Designed for use in residential as well as commercial applications, the right type of sun shades will offer several key benefits. By taking the time to determine what you need in the way of awning shades for your home or business will make it much easier to evaluate the different types and decide which one is right for you.

Vinyl Awning Sun Shades

You definitely want any awning shades to wear well in all sorts of weather. One approach is to check out vinyl blends that have the look and feel of a natural fiber, such as the Herculite Natura product. While the material will be soft to the touch and easy to work with, you can bet that it is strong and capable of withstanding direct sunlight for years. The right blend of vinyl material will also retain its color, no matter how much light it is subjected to over the years.

The water resistance of vinyl is also another reason to consider this particular solution. Owing to the weave of the fibers, you can rest assured that anyone standing under the awning will remain dry, even if a thunderstorm is rolling through town. This feature is especially important for store-owners, since potential customers are more likely to head for the awning and eventually find their way into the shop until the rain passes.

Polyester and Vinyl Blends

Another option for awning sun shades is to go with a polyester and vinyl blend. This type of material offers the benefits of providing ample protection from the sun and the rain. In addition, the blend will have fire resistant properties. For commercial business owners, this option lends itself well to customization. For example, if you would like to display the company name and logo on the surface of the material, it can be added without a lot of trouble.

Products like Herculite’s Coastline Plus, Patio 500 and Vanguard are worthy of consideration for these reasons and more. The fact that the awning material will fit snugly on the frame and resists shrinking will mean that you can use the same awning for several years before a replacement is needed.

Backlit Awnings

Whether you own a small business or need to select awning shades for a municipal building, there is the option of considering backlit awnings for the windows and entry points to the building. This approach adds a little extra to the basic concept of the awning. You still have the protection from the elements that awning sun shades provide, but you also get the benefit of signage and a small amount of illumination in the area. This is certainly helpful if the establishment doesn’t close until after nightfall. It also helps with security purposes after hours, since the entry points can be clearly seen from the street.

Your ultimate goal is to choose something that will look just as good five plus years from now as the day the awnings are installed. By paying attention to the type of fibers and lamination used for that material, it won’t be long before you find something that has all the properties that you desire.



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