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Sure-Chek® Healthcare Industrial Fabrics

Sure-Chek® brand medical fabrics are the original healthcare fabrics that were patented for use as protective covering fabrics and today are the standard in the industry. Sure-Chek® medical fabrics were developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide industrial fabrics that are comfortable, safe and effective for use in healthcare facilities, prison industries, jails, camps, and dormitories. These thermoplastic fabric composites are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, flame resistant, stain, odor, fluid resistant, and resistant to popular disinfectants when used as directed.

Sure-Chek® brand medical fabrics are enhanced by a controlled release system, which enables the "slow release" of a specially formulated antimicrobial system to the fabric surface, lasting for the life of the medical fabric.  Herculite’s original patented technology, revolutionary at the time, was known as “Staph-Chek® and was later renamed Sure-Chek®. Through ongoing research, Herculite has successfully advanced the technology to incorporate other materials and innovative process technologies.

Sure-Chek® medical fabrics are designed to be optimized when used together providing a complete system solution for a wide range of healthcare application.  The preferred method of use in mattresses is for Sure-Chek® medical fabrics to be used on both the top and bottom of the mattress. This assures you, the end user, that you have received the original and leading brand designed specifically with your application in mind and proven to perform.  Sure-Chek® is a Sure-Bet.

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Fabric Solutions

Medical Beds

Our fabrics are therapeutically beneficial, comfortable, safe and effective for use in healthcare facilities.  The following are the Sure-Chek® healthcare fabrics that are viable solutions for the healthcare community:

Top Surface Fabrics:  Sure-Chek Fusion® I HP, Sure-Chek Fusion III HP, Sure-Chek Comfort®, Sure-Chek Sure-thane®, Linea® 70,  Sure-Chek 210d Nylon, Sure-Chek Soft®, Sure-Chek 6, Sure-Chek 20, Sure-Chek Clear Chek®, Sure-Chek 44, Sure-Chek XL®, Sure-Chek 44XL, Herculex®II, Sure-Chek 80, Sure-Chek PF, Sure-Chek SoftChek

Bottom Surface Fabrics:   Sure-Chek 20, Sure-Chek Clear Chek®, Sure-Chek 44, Sure-Chek XL®, Sure-Chek 44XL, Sure-Chek 80, Herculex®II

Fire Barrier Fabrics:  Sure-Chek® FR Shield, Sure-Chek® FFB, Sure-Chek FR Shield 210D, Sure-Chek® Blaze Blocker, Sure-Chek BlazeBlocker HP, Sure-Chek® Blaze Blocker FG 

Pillow Fabrics:  Sure-Chek Soft, Sure-Chek MicroVent Soft®, Sure-Chek® MicroVent Comfort®, Sure-Chek® Comfort

Conductive Fabrics:  'Lectrolite® Premium, 'Lectrolite® Duotone, 'Lectrolite Comfort®, 'Lectrolite Fusion III HP

Shower and Cubicle Curtains:  Sure-Chek® Linen.


Sure-Chek® Fabric Qualities

Medical Bed

Flame Resistant

All Sure-Chek® healthcare fabrics are flame resistant and self- extinguish when a source flame is removed. These products are manufactured and tested in accordance with accepted industry standards.  Herculite’s offering includes ultra-high flame resistant fabrics: Sure-Chek Blaze Blocker HP, Sure-Chek FR Shield, and Sure-Chek FFB, open flame barrier fabrics. Properly constructed mattresses using these fabrics have passed California Technical Bulletin 129, Boston Fire Code 9-XII and 16 CFR part 1633 (full scale open flame complete mattress burn tests). Sure-Chek Blaze Blocker HP has also passed California Technical Bulletin 133 (full scale open flame complete chair burn test). 

Antimicrobial Fabric Protection

Sure-Chek® healthcare fabrics incorporate a proprietary antimicrobial additive. This controlled release feature allows the migration of the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface effective for the life of the product. The antimicrobial agent helps protect the fabric from microbial attack and reduces undesirable organic odors. The Sure-Chek® system has performed for over 50 years.  Fabrics are tested in accordance with MTCC 147, ISO 22196 involving exposure of microbial cultures to test swatches of treated and untreated fabrics. After exposure, the cultures are incubated and quantified. Reduction of growth in the culture exposed to the treated fabric compared to the culture of the untreated control is reported as a percentage. 

Thermal Conductivity

Determining a material's comfort and thermal conductivity is related to the rate of heat flow from the skin, to the surface in question. Test method ASTM C-l77 measures heat flow through flat specimens at a temperature of 95°F. The results are expressed in British Thermal units (Btu) per hour sq. ft. Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics all perform within a desirable range for patient comfort without sacrificing important technical performance benefits.

Fluid Resistance & Moisture Vapor Transmission

All Sure-Chek® healthcare fabrics are fluid and moisture resistant, reducing the risk of contamination of the mattress interior from liquids or bodily fluids. The impermeability of a membrane to water movement as a liquid is assessed by measuring Hydrostatic test ASTM D751/ A. Moisture vapor transmission is the result of molecular diffusion caused by different levels of humidity on either side of the membrane. The impermeability of a membrane to moisture vapor transmission is measured by ASTM E96/BW. Sure-Chek® health care fabrics are engineered to provide optimum resistance to moisture vapor transmission.

Stain Resistance, Cleaning & Disinfection

Sure-Chek® fabrics resist staining from most medications, oils, grease and contaminants. A simple solution of neutral soap and lukewarm water is all that is required for cleaning Sure-Chek healthcare fabrics. Most phenolic or quaternary type disinfectants, provided they are applied in concentrations recommended by the manufacturer, may be used satisfactorily. Generally, phenolics are preferable on vinyl products and quaternaries are preferable on urethanes. Idopher (i.e. iodine bearing) type disinfectants may result in staining, if these are not treated with a diluted (10 to1) bleach solution within 20 minutes of application or spillage. Disinfectants applied at full concentration or in highly concentrated solutions may damage the fabric. Laundering of thermoplastic fabrics is not recommended. Do not use harsh cleansers, solvents or detergents. 


Sure-Chek® healthcare fabrics have been engineered to be hypoallergenic and comfortable for the user. They have been used in the healthcare market for many years without complaint due to irritation or adverse skin reaction.


The Sure-Chek® family of health care fabrics feature "Anstat®", an enduring anti-static property that prevents buildup and retention of electrostatic charges that can interfere with the functioning of sensitive monitoring equipment.


Sure-Chek Lectrolite® family of products were the original electrically conductive fabrics. They control electrostatic discharge and the accumulation of static charge which may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

Strength Properties

The thermoplastic surface is reinforced with a textile to provide high tear strength and durability. The Sure-Chek® family of healthcare fabrics are engineered to provide the optimum amount of tensile and tear resistance required for their applications without reducing the performance of other characteristics. Various methods are used to evaluate these properties including: Grab Method ASTM 05034, Tongue Tear Method ASTM 02261 and Adhesion Method ASTM 0751 (free peel).

Elasticity & Pressure Management

Sure-Chek Fusion® and Sure-Chek Surethane® brands are specifically engineered to provide a higher level of elasticity for environments with additional pressure management requirements. Elasticity is often a feature of fabrics used in pressure reduction mattresses. Ideally the fabric will stretch easily to allow body immersion into the supporting surface, and recover to its original dimensions once the load is removed. The Sure-Chek Surethane® and Sure-Chek Fusion® family of products are designed to provide the optimum level of stretch and recovery.

Phthalate Free

The Sure-Chek family of products include phthalate free fabric options. Sure-Chek PF is manufactured to comply with CPSIA HR 4040 guidelines.

Heavy Metals

Herculite specifies that all materials used in the production of the Sure-Chek® line of healthcare fabrics shall not contain any of the following metals: Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, Molybdenum, Due to possible contamination there may be trace amounts of these in any given lot, not to exceed 100 ppm for Cadmium and 50 ppm for lead, Chromium or Molybdenum. 

Bed Bugs / Dust Mites

Sealed encasements and/or impermeable exterior fabrics can be used pro-actively for early detection and infestation restriction of bedbugs and dust mites. Sure-Chek moisture barrier fabrics will prevent pests from infesting mattress and pillow interiors. Sure-Chek® fabrics can be easily cleaned using neutral soap and lukewarm water.

Odor Resistant

Sure-Chek® fabrics have been treated to resist bacterial odors. Objectionable organic odors are decreased as a result of the active protection against odor-forming bacterial growth on fabric surfaces.

ISO 9001

Herculite Products maintains ISO 9001 certification

REACH Compliant

Sure-Chek® fabrics were designed to exclude the chemicals outlined in REACH.


Sure-Chek® fabrics are incredibly strong, withstanding severe wear and abuse. Extra strength and tear resistance mean extended curtain life.


Sure-Chek® fabrics offer an attractive selection of contemporary colors with a crisp linen finish.

Ease of Fabrication

Sure-Chek® products are lightweight and easy to fabricate by all popular methods including sewing, welding or bonding. Refer to individual Properties sheet for specific information.


Custom Engineered Fabric

When a project requires specific features or attributes, our experienced development team will customize a product to meet your need. As you develop these new applications Herculite welcomes the opportunity to improve your bottom line. Please contact Herculite’s Customer Care Department at 1-800-772-0036.


These fabric qualities are designed to provide appropriate technical information and advice to fabricators and end-users. The information is given in good faith, but because of the many particular factors that are outside our knowledge and control, and affect the use of products, no warranty is expressed or is implied on its accuracy.  

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