Three Reasons It's Important for Prison Bedding to Have Quality Mattress Fabrics

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Posted by Leslie Haddad on Feb 9, 2017 5:36:00 PM
Topics: Healthcare Fabrics, Prison Mattress

AdobeStock_21315917.jpegPrison is not a fun thing to think about. But the fact remains, prisons are like any other facility; they need to be stocked, supplied, and taken care of. One of the things that prisons need are beds. Prison bedding is not your typical, standard bed. In fact, prison beds are made from specialty fabrics that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of use as well as abuse.

Prison beds are meant to be durable and need to be made from strong fibers. When it comes to prison beds there are three reasons to consider on why having quality mattress fabric is so important in a correctional facility:

  1. Safety & Precautionary Measures: Prison beds are designed to be tear proof for multiple reasons including keeping inmates from hiding objects or other potentially illegal or harmful items inside the mattress.
  2. Fire Retardant: Prison beds should be made to be fire retardant for not just the inmate's safety, but for the whole facility. You never know when a fire might occur.
  3. Waterproof/Stainproof: Prison beds go through a lot including being spilled on. Extending the life of a bed by waterproofing or stain proofing it is one way to help cut costs and keep inmates clean. This is also a great way to help prevent the growth of mildew.

Prison bedding can be difficult to take care of because of the constant use of inmates who come and go. These beds need to be made of high quality mattress fabrics, supplied from companies like Herculite Inc., so that replacement and repairs can be kept to a minimum. Prisons often operate on tight budgets and helping to cut costs by using quality fabrics to start with is the first step in keeping the bottom line in the black.

Beds are used everyday and that’s why using quality fabrics is important. You don’t want your bed to fall apart and in a prison setting, the last thing you want is for multiple beds to be unusable at the same time. What a mess that would be!

Finding the right supplier for industrial grade fabrics is as simple as doing some research or consulting industry organizations like the Industrial Fabrics Association International. The IFAI also publishes excellent resources and magazines on topics like bedding fabrics and more.

Finding the right supplier also involves talking to your manufacturer and asking about the types of textiles they use in their bedding. Not all fabrics are created equally so it’s important to do your due diligence. Suppliers like Herculite have trusted, industry standard brands like Sure-Chek® in their product line. Sure-Check is a medical grade fabric used in hospital bedding. Sure-Check is so well trusted that it’s actually considered the industry standard! The fabric is well suited to high-traffic use in both the hospital and prison setting.

From fabric durability to bed bug protection, stain resistance, and beyond, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing mattress fabrics for medical purposes. Download our “Mattress Fabrics 101: What you Need to Know” eBook for free!

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Topics: Healthcare Fabrics, Prison Mattress