Dangers of Using Poor Quality Fabrics in Dorm Room Mattresses

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Posted by Leslie Haddad on Feb 23, 2017 4:06:37 PM
Topics: Dormitory Mattress, Mattress Fabrics

When it comes to specialty textiles, quality is absolutely critical. This is especially true for dorm room mattresses. Here, quality is determined by the design, durability and reliability of its fabric.

Often, dorm room mattresses are subjected to rips, tears and stains in the student setting. The longevity of the mattress is dependent on its construction, so materials must be made from quality fabrics.

What Makes a Good Mattress Fabric?

So what makes something a quality mattress fabric? Basically, these are textiles created to withstand the rigors of constant use. Specialty fabrics used in dorm room mattresses are often made of materials like vinyl, polyester vinyl, or a polyester vinyl composite. Typically, these fabrics are designed to be tear proof, stain and mildew resistant, and durable. This is why a bed in a dorm room usually doesn’t look or feel like your standard mattress.

Schools, and other facilities that use dormitory mattresses, are typically on restrictive budgets and need to use a product that will last. So what are some of the issues or dangers of using a poor quality fabric in a dorm room mattress?

  • Without tear resistance or proper seams, a poorly made mattress can easily fall apart or rip with everyday use. Remember, sharp objects like keys can easily tear the top surface of the mattress, rendering it unusable.
  • A poor quality fabric may not be mold or mildew resistant. This can cause fungal contamination in a dorm room mattress, where humidity can catalyze the growth of spores. Dorm room mattresses that are not waterproof are also susceptible to mold or mildew as well as stains. Without waterproofing, the mattress can easily become soiled.
  • Flame resistance is also very important. Poor quality fabrics are often not treated to be flame retardant, so exposure to hot items, cigarettes and electrical hazards can prove to be dangerous or even deadly.
  • Poor quality fabrics are also harder to clean. You can’t get them wet, spray them down, or scrub them because they aren’t designed to be easy to clean.

Dorm room mattresses should be made to last and withstand the abuse of constant use. This means finding the right supplier to outfit a quality product that will last. Herculite Inc. is a supplier of quality textiles for multiple industries including for use in dorm mattresses. Herculite’s healthcare fabrics are ideal for medical use and for use in mattresses. In fact, there is a whole industry designed around specialty fabrics for companies who need textiles that perform beyond the basic cotton thread and the dorm room mattress. Dorm room mattresses are just one of the many everyday objects that are made of a specialty fabric; other applications include awnings, boat covers, tents curtains, and more. Educate yourself about the specialty fabrics industry to understand why using quality fabrics is important and where you can find them.

From fabric durability to bed bug protection, stain resistance, and beyond, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing mattress fabrics for medical purposes. Download our “Mattress Fabrics 101: What you Need to Know” eBook for free!

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Topics: Dormitory Mattress, Mattress Fabrics