Awnings: The Architectural Detail You Can’t Afford to Overlook


Keep that new building feeling.

Nothing beats the feeling of walking through a finished building after all the hard work is done. That’s your vision come to life, and you get to show it off — but the feeling won’t last long.

Poorly made awning fabrics are the smile lines of architecture. They’re the first thing to show signs of age — sagging, fading, stained with dirt that won’t come off.

If you want to keep your projects looking brand new five or ten years into the future, you need PVC composite textiles from Herculite.





Worker working on an awning machine

Herculite: The Leading Name in Awning Fabrics

Herculite is a synthetic textiles pioneer. We’ve been producing the highest-quality awning materials for more than half a century. All of our fabrics are developed, produced, and checked for quality at our Emigsville, PA campus.


More Than a Shady Spot

Textured awning vinyl fabrics

Cosmetic Flourish

An awning is an invitation to step inside. With a range of beautiful textured vinyl fabrics and hundreds of colors to choose from, Herculite materials can become the most compelling invitations on the block.


Environmental Advantage

PVC composite fabrics are more effective than other materials at reducing solar heat gain, helping property owners save up to 79% on their energy costs. Herculite awnings can even help you earn LEED Certification.


Valuable Asset

Durable awnings add value to a structure by extending livable space, improving curb appeal, and minimizing maintenance costs. Herculite awning fabrics all come with a minimum 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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