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3 Ways Herculite Tent Fabrics Make Party Tent Cleaning Easier

Party Tent Cleaning is a necessary part of keeping your stock in top condition, but not all tents are created equal. There are three key reasons why tents made from Herculite fabrics are easier to keep clean, delivering you a better return on your investment.

A large commercial party tent after cleaning

Rental tents are exposed to everything from dust and dirt to grease and paint stains on a consistent basis. The most successful tent rental companies provide clients with high-quality tents that always look great, but in order to keep your stock looking great you’ll need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, washing the tent fabric after each use. Unfortunately, many low-quality tent materials can’t withstand constant cleaning.

Offering a superior product to your rental customers means buying tents made from high-quality fabric. Continuous washing, drying, and maintenance of your tent stock should be completed after each event to ensure the next customer gets the best product possible. The marginally higher costs associated with tents made of Herculite’s high-performance textiles is worthwhile because these products are easier to wash, look better after constant use, and stand up to repeated cleaning.

Rain Kleen Topcoat Makes It Easy to Wash

There are several techniques for washing commercial rental tents. The most common methods include machine washing with a commercial washer, pressure washing, using a floor buffer on a smooth surface, or hand-washing with a hose and soft-bristle brush.

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Hand-washing is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive. but provides the gentlest cleaning process and should be done whenever possible. Commercial washers or pressure washers are faster but wear down the fabric, shortening its life-expectancy. Tents made from Herculite fabric can be made much easier to wash by hand with a patented Rain Kleen topcoat. This clear finish resists against dust, dirt, and myriad stain sources. In addition to making the material easier to clean by hand, the topcoat increases the lifespan of the fabric.

Another benefit of Rain Kleen finish is its waterproofing ability, which makes Herculite fabric significantly easier to dry. It’s critical to make sure your tent fabric is fully dry before folding and storing it because even a little moisture can lead to mildew and mold. These infestations are difficult to remove, causing premature degradation and reduced life expectancy.

Herculite Fabric Is USA-Made with the Highest Quality Materials

Herculite materials are made in the United States from only high-quality materials. Few manufacturers in the textile industry still use exclusively domestic materials to construct their products, which is a claim Herculite is proud to make. Our high-end fabric is produced with a core stabilized process during the manufacturing process, offering a high level of dimensional stability and stretch-resistance. The US-made products are more durable than imported competitors and can handle constant cleaning after each use, keeping them looking top quality longer.

Herculite performance fabric is also designed to be resistant to the most harmful and difficult-to-remove stains. These sorts of blemishes include rust stains or hard water fogginess on clear sidewall windows, paint or grease stains, and even set-in leaf stains. Removing these sorts of stains require strong cleaning compounds, which wear down the life expectancy of the tent fabric. Only the highest quality tent fabrics can withstand repeated cleaning with these strong compounds and continue to look great.

UV Resistance Ensures Herculite Fabric Won’t Become Brittle

Ultra violet ray resistance is an important feature for commercial tent fabric. Almost all rental tents are regularly exposed to sunlight, which is an extremely damaging element to lower-quality fabric. Issues like fading, discoloration, brittleness, and cracking can arise in some tent fabric after long-term exposure to the sun’s rays. Herculite tent fabrics can withstand UV rays for longer periods of time thanks to built-in resistance.

Not only is UV resistance an important feature of tent fabric for appearances but also because it affects how it’s cleaned. When brittle fabric’s stained, it’s difficult to rigorously scrub it without further damaging the fabric. This limits the options you have when remove stains. Herculite fabric on the other hand retains its pliable, flexible quality after repeated cleaning and hours of exposure to UV rays. That means you can vigorously scrub the material to remove all the dirt and grime from the surface of the fabric.

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