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Simplifying Party Tent Maintenance

Helpful tips from leading manufacturers on how to store and maintain your party tent outdoor fabric to keep it looking great for years to come.


Party tents are big, bulky, and at times can be hard to maintain. Setting up, breaking down, packing away, and trucking around party tents from event to event can take a toll on these large structures. So, how can you take care of your investments and keep them looking great, while making it easier on your hard working team?

One secret to maintaining your party tent: choosing a high-grade, top-coated specialty fabric. Higher quality materials last longer and perform better, especially when faced with inhospitable conditions. Not all textiles are developed, designed, or made equally. For example, Herculite Inc.’s tent fabrics feature Rain Kleen®, an industry leading topcoat that helps to repel water and extends the life of the fabric.

This feature is important in party tent maintenance because the topcoat helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the tent. Without topcoats, the fabric is more left unprotected and more susceptible to damage that can be easily prevented.

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How do top coats work? In short, fabric is treated with a microscopic thin coating that adheres to its surface, creating a protective sheen. Topcoats can be specialized to help make fabric UV ray resistant, waterproofing, or protected for color longevity. Minimizing the wear and tear associated with weather and sun helps you maintain the quality and look of your party tent.

Topcoats are a special feature of high quality textiles like Architent® Fabric by Herculite. Quality topcoats make maintaining your party tent fabric easier by helping to prevent mold and mildew growth that will quickly destroy.

There’s more to keeping your party tent looking new than just choosing the right fabric, though. Properly maintaining your party tent also requires an understanding of how to clean it and store it. While cleaning techniques have evolved over the years to meet the needs of new fabric technology, knowing the basics is elemental to maintaining your party tent. Here are some of the fundamentals:

  • While in use, make sure to brush off dirt and debris. Keep your tent clear of potentially damaging trees and objects.
  • Use a soft, non-detergent soap and a soft, non abrasive sponge to wash your tent.
  • Make sure your tent is dry and clean before storing it.
  • Inspect your tent often for any rips, tears, or damage after each use.
  • Store your tent in a clean, dry place.
  • Consider applying additional UV ray protection spray-on to existing topcoats. You can do this with water resistant coatings as well, so ask your local tent manufacturer where to buy UV Ray or Water repellent sprays appropriate for your tent.

Using a topcoat treated party-tent fabric in combination with good habits and cleaning techniques is a great way to maintain and increase the life of your investment. Learn more about party-tent fabrics.

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