About Herculite® Tent & Structure Fabrics

Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics are engineered, manufactured and supported by Herculite, Inc., a privately owned global company headquartered in Emigsville, Pennsylvania. For more than 60 years, Herculite has been an innovative leader in flexible composite textiles for demanding applications that range from solar protection to healthcare.

Tent and Structure Fabrics from Herculite fulfill the full range of tent and semi-permanent structure needs. Tent rental companies depend on Herculite’s Architent® brand, while Architent Excel® is a recognized leader for expansive semi-permanent structures. The Showtime® line from Herculite offers the industry’s broadest array of bright colors for special attractions, while tents for warfighters are supported by Herculite Military Fabrics.

While the Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics line is expansive and varied, certain essential features extend throughout all of the brands, including beautiful aesthetics; extended resistance to damaging UV rays, mold and mildew; exceptional abrasion resistance during set-up and take down; proprietary technology to protect against pinholes; ease of cleaning; versatility from translucent to total blackout; inherent flame retardancy; enhanced return on investment; and reduced total cost of ownership.

When it comes to the industry’s most advanced and most reliable materials for tents and semi-permanent structures, Herculite is the recognized leader in flexible composite textiles.

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Herculite® Tent and Structure Fabric Brands

Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics brands encompass a full range of flexible composite textiles for the fabrication and construction of tents and semi-permanent structures of all types, including pole, frame and clear span.

Herculite can provide this breadth of offerings for two reasons: our teams' extensive experience working with flexible textiles and our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing center in Pennsylvania.  Each Herculite Tent and Structure Fabric brand represents an optimal formulation of U.S.-sourced materials, advanced molecular chemistry and proprietary processes, resulting in unique solutions tailored to each application.

Tent and structure fabric brands from Herculite include:

Architent® - Tent rentals
Architent Excel® - Semi-permanent structures
Showtime® - Tent color line
Herculite® Military - Tents for the U.S. military
Rental tents using Architent high performance tent and structure fabrics
Tents made with Architent Excel tent fabric
Tents made with Herculite Showtime tent fabric
Military tents made with Herculite Military heavy duty tent fabric
Rental tents using Architent high performance tent and structure fabrics

Architent Logo

Tent Rentals

Architent is the industry’s leading flexible composite textile for the fabrication of rental tents in both blackout and translucent versions. The nation’s leading tent manufacturers rely on the Architent brand, because it results in tents with long-term durability, attention-grabbing aesthetics, pinhole protection and resistance to UV rays, mold, mildew and abrasion.

Tents fabricated with the Architent brand provide tent rental companies with enhanced return on investment and lower total cost of ownership, because these tents retain their most profitable “Class A” rental status for extended periods of time.

Architent Excel Logo

Semi-Permanent Structures

When it comes to the strength, security and aesthetics required of semi-permanent structures, the industry’s leading choice is Architent Excel. This flexible composite textile is engineered for the high performance demands of large structures, assuring long-term beauty, durability and safety. Available in both blackout and translucent constructions, Architent Excel is UV resistant and easily maintained so users are ensured that their semi-permanent structures support positive brand experiences. 

Tents made with Architent Excel tent fabric

arch showtime

Tent Color Line

The industry’s most expansive selection of vivid colors is provided by the Showtime brand. This line of vivid, high gloss colors encompasses 17 hues that are ideal for theme parks and events. Tent rental companies also offer their customers colorful options by incorporating Showtime fabricated tents. Showtime Fabrics are available in translucent and blackout options and are well known for ultra-smooth surfaces. As with all Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics, Showtime Fabrics feature exceptional resistance to UV rays for extended serviceable life.

Architent Military Logo

Tents for the U.S. Military

Our nation’s warfighters deserve the best possible materials, and the Herculite Military line of flexible composite textiles delivers. Herculite Military features superior abrasion resistance and long-lasting performance under extreme conditions. Compliant with the Berry Amendment for U.S.-sourced materials, Herculite Military is well suited for heat sealing and sewing with superior seam strength for ease of fabrication and field repair. Herculite collaborates closely with tent makers by providing the highest quality fabrication materials in standard military green, tan and olive drab.

Military tents made with Herculite Military heavy duty tent fabric
Tents using Herculite Rain-Kleen weather-resistant tent fabric
Tents using Herculite WideSide tent sidewall fabric
Large event tent using Herculite's Architent StarFree Blackout tent fabric
Party tent using Herculite's industry leading tear resistant tent fabric

Herculite® Tent and Structure Fabrics Proprietary Features

One of the many secrets to success for Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics is its focus on special features. It’s these unique features that separate Herculite Fabrics from competitive options and enable customers to tailor tents and structures to specific needs.

Special features available from Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics include:

Rain-Kleen® - Top coating options
Herculite WideSide® - Efficient side wall fabrication
Architent StarFree Blackout®  - Ultimate pinhole prevention
Industry Leading Tensile and Tear Strength - Unmatched durability
Discovery Process - Guiding customers to a better future (NEW)
Tents using Herculite Rain-Kleen weather-resistant tent fabric


Top Coating Options

As a flexible composite textile, Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics combines multiple components to create products tailor-made for specific applications. In addition to strategically selected components, Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics also include two top coating options that make cleaning easier and provide an additional layer of protection from damaging UV rays and other environmental factors. Two topcoat options are currently available:

  • Rain-Kleen is a patented compound topcoat that is applicable for most environmental situations, offering superior ease of cleaning and durability.
  • Rain-Kleen PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) is an advanced form of top coating for Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics that is ideal for harsh environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and arid environments.

Herculite WideSide®

Efficient Sidewall Fabrication

The fabrication of sidewalls for tents and structures can be a time intensive and costly process for tent and structure manufacturers. To help facilitate sidewall fabrication while controlling costs, Herculite offers a fabric that is specifically designed for sidewalls. Herculite WideSide Fabrics are wider than most domestic offerings, enabling tent manufacturers to reduce costs and increase efficiency in fabricating side panels.

Tents using Herculite WideSide tent sidewall fabric
Large event tent using Herculite's Architent StarFree Blackout tent fabric

Architent StarFree Blackout®

Ultimate Pinhole Prevention

One of the greatest challenges for tent rental companies is preventing pinholes that can result from handling during set up and take down. Pinholes or starry brights are one of the leading reasons that rental companies move tents from “Class A” inventory to a less profitable offering.

Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics have virtually eliminated the issue of pinholes and starry brights through its Architent StarFree Blackout technology. This exclusive approach incorporates a proprietary core stabilized opaque layer system that not only assures total blackout performance upon initial tent fabrication but also provides extended blackout protection in the event of abrasions during tent installation and takedown.

Industry Leading Tensile and Tear Strength

Unmatched Durability

Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics are the industry’s strongest materials in terms of tensile and tear strength. Tear strength measures the stress a fabric can handle when torn, while tensile strength is the same measurement of the material when intact. Herculite provides three grades of strength (tear and tensile) for the ultimate in product flexibility for customers: standard, 30 percent greater and 80 percent greater.

Party tent using Herculite's industry leading tear resistant tent fabric
Tent using Herculite's high performance tent fabric

Discovery Process

Guiding Customers to a Better Future

Herculite professionals in research and development, technical support and customer service have many years of experience in addressing a vast array of industry needs, from product development and process enhancement to go-to-market strategies. This expertise is made available to Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics customers through the Discovery Process.

The Discovery Process is offered without charge to strategic customers and includes these essential steps:

Implementation plans typically include both Herculite and customer resources and can also incorporate products or services from other trade partners. The ultimate focus of the Discovery Process is enhanced return on investment, which Herculite considers the most valuable metric for any product or process enhancement strategy.

Identification of a customer opportunity or issue
Documentation of the opportunity and issue and its financial impact
Research surrounding the identified opportunity or issue
Organized customer brainstorming sessions led by Herculite
Identification of potential strategies and selection of a path forward
Creation of detailed implementation plan, including projected return on investment
Plan implementation
Measurement of results based on ROI

Herculite® Learning Center

Welcome to the Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics Learning Center. We developed the Learning Center as a resource where customers can gain in-depth knowledge of the materials and technologies involved in the design, engineering, manufacture and maintenance of advanced tent and structure materials. Information in the Learning Center includes insights from the Herculite research and development and customer service teams as well as comments from our customers.
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Military Fabrics: Uses and Applications
In addition to the materials in our Learning Center, Herculite team members in R&D, technical support and customer service are available at any time to answer your questions and discuss the best approach in applying our flexible composite textiles to your specific needs.

Customer Approved

Technology Taps Into Herculite Discovery Process for Innovative Solution

Tentnology logo

Tentnology®, a leading tent and structures company based in British Columbia, Canada, is an excellent example of how a well-organized creative approach by a materials supplier and a customer can result in an innovative solution.

As a customer of Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics for 20 years, Tentnology turned to Herculite for technical assistance in meeting the unique fabric needs of one of the company’s rental tent lines. While Tentnology wanted an abrasion resistant fabric with protection against pinholes that can occur with extended use, it also wanted a fabric lighter weight than Herculite’s industry-leading Architent line of tent fabrics that feature the company’s StarFree Blackout technology.

“By engaging with Tentnology in our Discovery Process, we determined that for this particular tent line, they didn’t need the 100 percent StarFree Blackout feature, so we developed a lighter weight opaque fabric that uses our proprietary opaque adhesive system and a custom-woven scrim,” said Jeff Sparks, sales director for Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics. “The result is a fabric that meets all of their needs for pinhole protection yet is lighter weight. This is a great example of how our supply chain partnership approach and the Herculite Discovery Process can result in unique solutions for our customers.”


Located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Tentnology has garnered numerous awards over the past 20 years in recognition of its creative approach to the design and construction of tents and structures. It is renowned for custom-designed structures that have been deployed at high visibility sites, such as the World Trade Center, New York Ports Authority, Dollywood and Disney World. Tentnology is also a leading supplier to tent rental companies throughout North America, utilizing the Architent line of flexible composite textiles from Herculite.

“The people at Herculite are creative and open minded, and they worked with us to meet our needs by investing their R&D capabilities,” said Ali Riyaz, superintendent of operations for Tentnology, “Jeff Sparks and his team at Herculite know Fabrics, and we know tent design and construction, so we were able to

find a solution that works for both of us. There is no question that Herculite offers the best laminated tent fabric available today.”

The Herculite Discovery Process is a proprietary approach that Herculite offers its customers to explore opportunities for product enhancements and new product development as well as operational improvements. The goal of the Discovery Process is to provide customers with the highest possible return on investment and lowest possible total cost of ownership.

“We’re able to collaborate with our customers in the Discovery Process, because we have a tremendous amount of experience working in the tent and structures marketplace, and we have infrastructure behind us that fosters innovation,” Sparks said.

Inside of a tent using Herculite event tent fabrics
Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics are offered by Herculite, Inc. of Emigsville, Pa., a leader in synthetic textiles for more than 60 years. Tent and Structure Fabrics from Herculite are designed and manufactured for exceptional aesthetics, durability and ease of handling, providing tent rental companies with a superior return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership.
For more information on Tentnology, visit their website at www.tentnology.com. To learn about Herculite Tent and Structure Fabrics, visit www.herculite.com.
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