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A Better Way: Sourcing Partnerships That Work

The Herculite Discovery Process is our systematic approach for identifying measurable ways for us to help our customers grow their business.


The typical vendor-buyer sourcing relationship tends to be of a push-pull, occasionally even adversarial nature, borne out of the tension created from the competing ends of the profit maximization spectrum that exists with every transaction. Buyers naturally want to pay the lowest possible price (while maintaining key product specs) while the vendor is seeking to achieve the highest reasonable price on the sale (without losing the business), all in the name of “maximizing profits.”

For a time, that adversarial relationship may work. But eventually, the inherent risk when implementing the lowest-cost solutions will become a losing bet for both parties. That risk can manifest in many ways, from inventory shortages, manufacturing downtime, production inefficiencies, or even a company's worst fear, a widespread product recall.

But here, at Herculite, we believe differently.

We believe in a modern approach that aligns our objectives with your company's goals.

Our mission statement states it very clearly:

Our mission is to help our customers grow their business by delivering products and services of exceptional value distinguished by their quality and innovation on time every day. In return, our customers reward us with the privilege of being their solution provider. Simple.

We know that the path to impacting your bottom line does not always seem straightforward. Herculite has created a formalized and iterative process to help guide us on that journey. This methodology has built steady and measurable results for our customers for the past 15 years. We call it the "Herculite Discovery Process," and it is a systematic approach for identifying measurable ways for us to help our customers grow their business.

The "Herculite Discovery Process" is founded on three key objectives:

  • Reduce Customer Input Costs
  • Improve Customer Efficiencies
  • Increase Customer Sales

Those three objectives are the benchmarks for identifying and quantifying the impact of this process’s outcomes on your company's bottom line. As in the fantastic Aesop's fable about the crow and the pitcher, we must constantly innovate, or we will die thirsty.

Herculite is developing innovative solutions for our customers, and we are ready to support your company by utilizing this proven process.

"The people at Herculite are creative and open-minded, and they worked with us to meet our needs by investing their R&D capabilities in Innovation efforts for our company…."

- Ali R. – Herculite Customer Partner

If you would like to learn more about this process and how Herculite can help you to achieve your goals and impact your company's bottom line, fill out the form on our contact page here.

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