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Boat Owner Basics: What Are Full Enclosure Boat Tops?

Full enclosure boat tops play a huge role in the long-term care of boats, but aren’t always full understood by new boat owners. Read this post to learn more.


Now that you’ve taken the leap and purchased a new or used boat, what are the next steps you should take to get it ready for use? One of the most common and essential additions to a boat is an enclosure for the cockpit.

A full enclosure boat top creates a protected space on the deck of your watercraft. Which can be either fully or partially enclosed. All enclosures start with rigid frame, often steel, which supports the rest of the structure.  No matter what style of enclosure you end up choosing for your boat, it’s important to start with the right materials.

The next layer of a full enclosure top is generally a textile canopy stretched over the frame, however many people choose to incorporate transparent panels to extend their view to the sides and rear. These windows are made from specialty fabric panels made from materials such as pressed vinyl sheets, which combine the transparency of glass with the light weight, flexibility, and durability of plastics.

So, why would you want or need a full enclosure?  Here’s a quick list of what a full enclosure boat top is for:

  • Weather Protection: A full enclosure boat top protects you from the rain and wind, and can keep you warm and dry while you’re out sailing or at the dock.
  • Water & Seaspray Protection: Just because the weather is nice doesn’t mean that you won’t get wet if you’re moving quickly enough. A full enclosure boat top can offer you complete protection from any spray that might come your way.
  • UV Ray Protection: Most full enclosure boat tops and vinyl enclosure windows are designed to be UV ray resistant; you don’t want to damage your skin while you’re enjoying the sea.
  • Aesthetics: Adding an enclosure is also a great way to spruce up the look of your boat. You can use a combination of colors and styles to create a boat top that catches the eye and sets you apart from the fleet.

Remember, a full enclosure boat top window also needs to be cleaned and cared for like any other part of your boat. With some routine maintenance, your enclosure should keep you warm and dry for years to come.

How can you get a marine vinyl top or enclosure that’s built to last? Download Where to Buy Marine Vinyl for Your Boat? A Guide for New Boat Owners to find out.

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