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Common Applications of Medical Grade Vinyl

Medical grade vinyl is treated to be antimicrobial, flame retardant, and resistant to odor and liquids common in the healthcare industry.


It’s easy to forget that fabrics can be complex, technical in design, and created to help augment an industry’s textile needs.

For example, medical grade vinyl is a specialty textile created specifically for the healthcare industry; it’s a type of fabric that is treated to be antimicrobial, flame retardant, and resistant to common odor and liquid contaminants.

Medical Grade Vinyl

You might be wondering, why would a textile have to be developed as antimicrobial or mold and mildew resistant? The answer is simple: to prevent the spread of disease. When it comes to a medical grade vinyl (MGV), the textile is more than just your standard vinyl couch covering. An MGV is created with features that are developed to enhance a healthcare institution’s line of defense against microorganisms and the spread of diseases.

So what is vinyl? This specialty textile is actually polyvinylchloride (PVC). This is a type of plastic that is man-made and when created, forms a resin that is then processed for various applications including in textiles.Vinyl is used in various industries including but not limited to the marine, industrial, medical, performance, and awning markets. Medical grade vinyls are commonly used in hospital rooms where you might see them in:

  • Curtains
  • Beds
  • Mattress covers
  • And more

MGVs are designed with features including:

  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Mold and Mildew Resistance
  • Flame Retardance
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Hypoallergenic, and more...

When it comes to medical grade vinyl, it’s important to know that not every textile is created equally. That’s why Herculite Inc. is one of the most trusted MGV suppliers today. In fact, Herculite’s Sure-Chek® Brand Medical Fabrics are the original healthcare fabrics that were patented for use as protective covering fabrics. These thermoplastic fabric composites are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, flame resistant, stain, odor, fluid resistant, and resistant to popular disinfectants when used as directed. These medical grade fabrics are the standard in the industry today.

Medical grade vinyl is an important fabric for the medical industry. When used in mattresses, they help prevent microbes and bacteria from growing and spreading to patients. In curtains that are used to give privacy to patients, medical grade vinyls are an excellent deterrent against unwanted mold and mildew growth, as well as bacterial growth. Also, medical grade vinyl fabrics used in curtains provide a layer of defense against fire because they are flame retardant.

In fact, MGVs are designed to keep the patient and hospital staff from bacteria and other microorganisms. The fabric that patients and doctors use are made to withstand not only consistent wear and tear, but also the potential of disease-spreading microbes. That’s why antimicrobials are so important when it comes to bedding, sheets, and other fabrics in the hospital setting. When thinking about antimicrobial fabrics and MGVs, it’s like they are a longer lasting version of a hand sanitizer that’s been integrated into a textile to defend for a longer period of time and not just a quick hand wash.

From fabric durability to bed bug protection, stain resistance, and beyond, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing mattress fabrics for medical purposes. Download our “Mattress Fabrics 101: What you Need to Know” eBook for free!

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