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Herculite On Demand® New Curtain Builder

Herculite On Demand® and Curtain Builder is another example of a Herculite Innovation built to help make the process of designing and fabricating ag curtains easier.

Curtain_BuilderInnovation can take many forms. Herculite tries to evaluate our products from our customer’s perspective, asking questions and interacting with our customer partners to find ways to help our customers increase their bottom line. We use three different measures to determine the value of an innovation; does the solution reduce the cost of our customers finished product, will it increase efficiencies, or will it increase sales.

For the agricultural segment of our business we supply Herculite fabric curtains to be used on livestock buildings for the purpose of ventilation and temperature regulation. Herculite has created an innovative new solution that had little to do with our quality textiles but much to do with making it easier to cost, order, and manage the orders of each custom curtain.

Using our industry leading cloud based Herculite On Demand® customer information porthole we can give customers access to their orders. With this access they can order, monitor inventories, track orders and track shipments as well as review purchasing history for orders that they have with Herculite. This has been a wonderful tool that has saved our customer partners time in gathering information about their orders.

We took this a step further with our Agricultural curtain customers. Our Ag customers can obtain a custom curtain price made from one of possibly 7 different types of fabrics, in a custom width and height, with anywhere from one to eight different hems in the finished curtain. They can access and compare pricing immediately so that they can instantly get costing to their customer, who in many cases, is either on the phone or standing across the counter.

Introducing the new Herculite On Demand Curtain Builder

What used to be a laborious and confusing process of trying to both cost and price different custom curtains that could take upward of 24 hours can now be completed instantly from anywhere that our customers have access to the internet.  Costs can be compared making any number of adjustments to insure that our customer is giving their end customer both the best price and the best solution for their custom need.

Customers simply log on to their Herculite On Demand® account using a username and a protected password and click on the Curtain Builder Application.

Once they are in the curtain builder they can make selections:

  • Curtain Fabric Type
  • Finished Curtain Size
  • Color
  • Length
  • Number and Types of Hems
  • Then simply click the “Get Price” button.

This gives our customers immediate info so that they can take immediate orders.  This is an example of a Herculite Innovation that improves efficiencies giving our customers the ability to take more orders while using fewer resources.  The roll out of this innovation has saved our customers both time and money along with making doing business with Herculite easier and more enjoyable.

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