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Herculite Partners with Renegade Plastics to Offer Recyclable Barn Curtain

Herculite is pleased to partner with Renegade Plastics to offer a recyclable alternative as part of its agricultural barn curtain fabrics offering.

Herculite® Products Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance and custom fabrics, is pleased to partner with Renegade Plastics to offer a recyclable alternative as a part of its industry-leading agricultural barn curtain fabrics offering.

The Renegade Plastics fabric used in Herculite's line of eco-friendly barn curtains is a medium-duty polypropylene-based coated fabric free from phthalates, dioxins, PFAS, and heavy metals like lead. This revolutionary material offers maximum UV stability and, based on evidence from lab tests and anecdotes from field pilots, lets in less thermal infrared radiation than polyethylene-based products while also proving to be a better insulator.


These recyclable materials make them a critical purchase for operations looking to enhance their circularity and keep microplastics out of their soil and livestock. Herculite barn curtains made with Renegade Plastics' fabrics are better for biosafety and for reducing plastic waste from the agricultural industry.

“Herculite is known for its innovation and ability to understand its customers' emerging needs. They visualize solutions and deliver innovative products and services that help them grow their businesses,” said Renegade Plastics Co-Founder Curran Hughes. “As the agriculture industry evolves, there is a demand for more sustainable textiles that are better for our animals and soils with no loss of strength or durability. We proudly offer a fabric that paves the way towards a healthier farming and ranching future.”

To learn more about this industry-leading partnership, visit our Herculite and Renegade Plastics webpage here.

Herculite and Renegade barn curtains can be purchased by contacting a Herculite sales representative.

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