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Herculite Proud to Serve U.S. Military for Over 50 Years

The U.S. military has a lot of needs when it comes to fabrics, and Herculite has been satisfying those needs for more than five decades.


As a trusted partner of the military, Herculite’s military performance fabrics have been specified by every branch of the military and deployed all over the world. In fact, Herculite’s textiles have been used in every military conflict the United States has participated in since Vietnam. Here’s a quick list of ways the military uses Herculite’s fabrics:

  • GP Small Personnel Tents
  • Deck Tarps for protection of weapons on the deck of Navy Ships
  • Tarps to cover munitions and protect from elements
  • Tents for deployment of Army and Marine Soldiers
  • Tents for Rapid Deployment Medical Facilities
  • Hangars for Aircraft storage and repair
  • Large Structures for Vehicle storage and repair

It’s quite amazing, when you think about it, just how much fabric is used in military applications. From uniforms and backpacks to tents and tarps, specialty textiles are a major component of military equipment. In fact, according to the National Council of Textile Organization, the military relies heavily upon textiles for use in various applications and “...over 8,000 different textiles items are purchased annually for use by the U.S. Military and other allied organizations, and this figure actually rises to over 31,000 line items when individual sizes are factored into the mix.”

The US Armed Forces utilizes military grade fabrics in body army, aircraft components, ground vehicles, and even boats. According to the most recent data, U.S. textile companies provided $1.5 billion in items to the military. From the coverings on helmets to the straps of the weapons being carried by soldiers, military textiles are used in more ways than we can possibly imagine. Even NASA uses specialty fabrics in their rocket ships (think insulation and heat shields).

So what makes Herculite’s military fabrics so unique? Herculite designs its fabrics to be used in any type of situation and weather worldwide. Herculite’s military grade fabrics are waterproof, resistant to mildew, and UV ray resistant. Also, the fabric is produced with knitted polyester scrims, which helps prevent tearing and increases flexibility at the same time.

The fabrics are consistent in average weight (per square yard), which helps increase the longevity of the textiles. Also, Herculite’s military grade textiles are flame resistant up to the Federal Standard 191-5903. Herculite's fabrics are dependable, durable, and high quality. There’s a reason the U.S. military has been using them for 50 years.

Factor in customer service excellence and Herculite truly stands out as a trusted military textile provider. Herculite’s team of knowledgeable and available individuals can answer questions and provide information to not just the military, but to manufacturers who also supply the US Armed Forces with products.

Now that you know a little bit about Herculite's military fabrics, download our free whitepaper, "The Flexible PVC Composite Textile Advantage" to learn more about what makes flexible PVC composite textiles such powerful performance fabrics.



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