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ISO 9001 Certification In Textile Manufacturing Explained

Posted by Craig Zola on Nov 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Lots of companies manufacture textiles - but how can you be sure that their goods are manufactured to a higher standard, consistently? That's where the certification of quality management systems  can help to give you trust that a company is manufacturing with consistent quality. The gold standard of quality manufacturing system certifications is  ISO 9001. You may have seen the ISO 9001-certified claim made by companies as diverse as Nestle and DHL. 

But what is ISO certification? It's become ubiquitous, we see the logo at the bottom of manufacturers, suppliers, and other company web sites. But what does it really mean for you, the customer? Let's explain exactly what ISO 9001 certification stands for and what it means when you buy products from one of our Herculite brands.

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The World’s Most Rugged Tents: Meet Eureka’s Tactical Military Soft Shelters

Posted by Jeff Sparks on Sep 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Good shelter is hard to come by on the front lines. Between rain, snow, wind, and the sun, conditions in the field can be daunting.

Eureka! Tent company has been finding solutions to support operations in the field since the second world war. Since then, Eureka has manufactured all-purpose and specialty tents for the armed forces, including mobile hospital tents, barracks, mess halls, and more. They’ve become a key supplier for the military by introducing new technology to minimize pack weight and improve resilience under the harshest conditions.

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Performance Fabrics and Military Applications

Posted by Chad Twombly on Jun 17, 2019 12:13:00 PM

Did you know that performance fabrics are used for a wide variety of products in the military, industrial, and agricultural industries? In the military, these specialty fabrics are used for clothing, gear, and other applications like in the lining of rockets. In the field, soldiers rely upon their gear to get them through a hot or cold day; having a performance fabric specially designed to manage body temperature can help them complete their missions or tasks.

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How to Tell Whether a Military Fabric is Durable Enough to Withstand Harsh Environmental Elements

Posted by Jeff Sparks on Jun 10, 2019 12:10:00 PM

There are multiple military fabric durability concerns one must keep in mind when selecting the right fabric, and fabric supplier, when purchasing for military needs. Many military fabrics on the market look good enough to the naked eye, but just looking good doesn't mean the fabrics will be long-lasting, high-quality products built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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Camouflage Over the Years: How Military Fabrics Have Changed

Posted by Jeff Sparks on Apr 15, 2019 3:57:00 PM

When it comes to camouflage, most of the attention is focused on the design elements, or how the look of the uniform helps soldiers blend into different environments. The fabric used in camouflage uniform production is also worth considering.  Combat uniforms, in particular, have specific functional needs to match the activities of soldiers as well as the environments in which they are operating.

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Herculite Proud to Serve U.S. Military for Over 50 Years

Posted by Chad Twombly on Feb 4, 2019 12:11:00 PM

As a trusted partner of the military, Herculite’s military performance fabrics have been specified by every branch of the military and deployed all over the world. In fact, Herculite’s textiles have been used in every military conflict the United States has participated in since Vietnam. Here’s a quick list of ways the military uses Herculite’s fabrics:

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Benefits of Using Knitted Polyester Scrims for Military Fabrics

Posted by Jeff Sparks on Jan 7, 2019 12:11:00 PM

The United States Armed Forces span the globe, protecting our country’s citizens on the ground, in the air, and on the water. The men and women of the US military need the best equipment and protection; the uniforms they wear must go beyond good looks, they must be made out of the highest quality materials.

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A Guide to Understanding Modern Advances in Military Fabrics and Which Ones Truly Matter

Posted by Jeff Sparks on Dec 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM

The type of performance fabrics used for military applications can have a profound effect on day-to-day operations. Advancements in the quality and durability of textiles make for longer-lasting and more-reliable products. It is helpful to understand what are the most important of these innovations when making purchasing decisions.

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Industrial Vinyl Fabric Solutions for Special Use Cases

Posted by Chad Twombly on Jan 26, 2018 3:03:00 PM

Finding high quality specialty fabrics isn’t always easy. When fabrics are applied for industrial, agricultural, or even military uses, quality and customization are two of the most important considerations. Simply looking for any industrial vinyl fabric manufacturer is not an option. It’s essential to find a company you can a trust. Herculite produces custom and specialty fabrics that meet a wide range of potential use cases. Their fabrics are also of the highest quality and can stand up to even extreme conditions.

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3 Business Strategies for Manufacturing to Boost Efficiency

Posted by Chad Twombly on Jan 17, 2018 2:35:00 PM

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to keep costs down while expanding revenue potential. To move in this direction, businesses need to take a hard look at which parts of their manufacturing process that are working and which need improvement. Businesses should examine everything from materials sourcing to production workflows to use of automation. This analysis can be useful in determining potential areas for increased efficiency.

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