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Herculite, Strataglass Form Marine Fabric Supplier Powerhouse

Strataglass has joined forces with Herculite, a top-of-the-line marine fabric supplier, to form a powerhouse partnership for boating textiles.

You know the name, you trust the brand: Strataglass. Now this innovative industry leader has joined forces with Herculite, a top-of-the-line marine fabric supplier, to form a powerhouse partnership for boating textiles.The landscape of marine fabrics may have just changed forever.


Strataglass is a well-known and trusted brand that’s been serving the boating industry since 1994. Herculite is a leading marine fabrics supplier with more than 60 years of experience. The combination of Strataglass’ CrystalClear pressed and polished vinyl windows and Herculite’s quality marine fabrics puts all your quality materials in one convenient place.

For years, fabricators have combined work from these two companies to create the most advanced high-performance marine enclosures. This partnership takes that combination to the next level, by creating the potential for marine fabric components that are engineered and manufactured with integration in mind, paving the way for the next generation of boating enclosures and fabric accessories.  

Herculite is the industry leader when it comes to marine vinyl. All of their products are manufactured right here in the USA, and are engineered to demanding specifications. They boast features such as UV ray resistance, extreme durability, and high water resistance. Ther are many imitators out there, but no one makes high-performance marine vinyl like Herculite.

Strataglass and its ClearView and other vinyl enclosure materials are top-quality and used by many boat manufacturers as their first choice for creating enclosures. Strataglass CrystalClear comes with a two-year “no worries” performance warranty. The material is strong, resistant to runoff, pollutants, and overspray. Strataglass is also scratch resistant and the clarity of the material is superb. The longevity of the material is also excellent, when used and maintained properly.

Now that these two industry giants have joined forces, the sky's the limit. Who knows what kind of amazing innovations these two companies will bring to the table in the years to come?

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