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7 Drug and Medical Device Blogs Worth a Bookmark

What drug and medical device blogs are worth keeping tabs on? Here are some of our favorites here at Herculite healthcare fabrics.

Medical_Device_BlogsThe drug and medical device blog landscape isn’t big, but it’s necessary for understanding the industry. Technology in this space is always changing, and medical device manufacturers and product engineers who want to stay up on new trends need to know the right sources to read.

From industry trends to new innovations to marketing strategies for medical devices, it’s a lot to take in. Where do you start start? Here are some of our favorites:

The Medical Futurist

The Medical Futurist is a blog that highlights new health technologies and offers context into digital health innovations that will shape the industry.

The team at Medical Futurist says they are intent on advancing a vision of invisible, seamless, and preventative care. The coverage that they offer on the medical devices industry is clearly influenced by this mission. It’s a valuable resource for patients, physicians, and policymakers who want to get a thorough understanding of new technological changes.

Greenlight Guru Medical Device Blog

Few blogs offer more in depth analysis on medical devices than Greenlight Guru. This blog provides manufacturers and engineers in the industry with actionable insight into ever-changing best practices, and ideas to improve medical device quality, compliance, and product development.

Greenlight Guru hosts a medical device podcast on Thursdays. This weekly update on the device world provides vital insight into new technologies and trends.


MobiHealthNews is a news source that showcases industry players and the tech they create. Described on their site as the “publication of record for digital health,” MHN is a comprehensive collection of industry news, analysis, and valuable data.

The team at MHN caters to innovators at provider groups, pharma companies, and tech startups, with in-depth coverage on new funding announcements, beta tests, and product releases. For manufacturers and designers looking to follow recent trends on the business side of the industry, this source is indispensable.

Association of Medical Device Professionals Blog

The AMDR blog was founded to promote and protect the interests of the third-party reprocessing industry. This news outlet provides professionals in the medical device world with a valuable glimpse into legal, regulatory, and other trade issues that relate to their work.

For engineers and developers tasked with the development of single-use products, it’s a one-stop source for changes in legal guidelines, in addition to new tech and trends.

The AMDR blog is a vital source for insight and research into the third-party reprocessing world, including studies, trend pieces, and news from around the industry.

Med City News

Med City News offers perspective into the entire healthcare ecosystem, from health IT and medical devices to VC investment and mobile apps. It’s a valuable all-in-one resource for companies in biotech and pharma across the board.

For medical device pros who want to keep tabs on new companies and tech, future trends, and shifts in regulation, Med City News is hard to beat. Med City offers a daily newsletter that compiles top articles from the industry in one digestible resource.

Medical Device Academy Blog

A comprehensive source for information on regulatory subject matter, the Medical Device Academy blog contains an archive of more than 200 blogs related to FDA decisions, auditing, 510K, CAPA, and more. While other blogs on this list touch on regulatory news, MDA blog does a deep dive into changes to legal guidelines that impact medical device companies.

Covington’s Inside Medical Device Blog

Covington is a regulatory counsel for both start-ups and established companies in the medical device industry.

Covington’s Inside Medical Device Blog compiles important information related to compliance and regulation for new technology. Inside Medical Device is worth reading for valuable interpretation on court findings, international law, and more.

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