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Marine Project Spotlight - Riviera and Strataglass Transformation

This project won The Outstanding Achievement Award in the Tops and Enclosures 29' and Under category at the 2016 MFA National Convention.

Grady_Factory_OriginalEdward Skrzynski of Marco Canvas designed and manufactured this transforming canvas project using Riviera Marine Fabric and Strataglass.

This project won The Outstanding Achievement Award in the "Tops and Enclosures 29' and Under" category at the 2016 MFA National Convention.


“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength…What would you tell him?” “To shrug.” _ Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. Atlas shrugged off the weight of the world just as this 2002 Grady White shrugged off the weak factory Bimini top and enclosure and had them replaced with a custom GTAW welded Aluminum Sport top frame, Riviera Marine Fabric and Strataglass.

Grady White Bimini


This 2002 Grady White came to us with what looked like original factory canvas Bimini top and (not-so-clear), clear vinyl curtains. The owner wanted a new top design with an enclosure that would match the  sturdiness and durability that makes Grady White famous. “I want a larger canopy top for shade with an enclosure and I want it all as strong as the hull”. He also requested a removable shade solution to cover the aft cockpit area.



We removed the weak Bimini frame and canvas and used new and older Grady White Sports frames for our conceptual design. Then we used Prodim Digital technology to 3D Template the boat and 3D Computer Aided Design, (CAD), for a welded aluminum fame, canopy cover, seven piece enclosure, and retractable aft top system that would support both the customer request for strength and a retractable ability to shade the aft cockpit area when needed. The entire project was designed and manufactured using our digital automation systems. We designed & fabricated a six attachment, GTAW welded frame structure with a forward visor and a “Trombone Aft Top Extension”. The lace design would harken the original era of the Grady White while the Trombone offered several modern solutions; shade when you need it or sun when you want it, without the need for obtrusive hardware. The welded Trombone supports on topside also double as a grab rail while walking the narrow companionway around the cuddy cabin. The entire canopy and Trombone frame was powder coated a complementary color to the hull. The fabric on the extension would accordion up and would be removable. If left in place retracted, standing water would drain off the sides. When fully deployed, with straps in place, it surpasses 55 mph including head winds. It is also fully functional without straps at idle or slower speeds; making it perfect for fishing rod clearance around the aft cockpit gunwale.

Grady White Side


To complete the project and achieve the customers demand for Hercules like strength, we chose Herculite’s, stain resistant, Riviera Marine Fabric for the frame coverings and Strataglass 40 mil for the clear curtains because of its strength and scratch resistant qualities. The customer was thrilled when we unveiled his total canopy and enclosure makeover on his Grady White. The comments where “The frame design is rock solid, the Ivory Riviera looks awesome against the Grady White hull color and the Strataglass windows were clear as glass and the layout maximizes my visibility.” If Atlas owned this Grady White, he would be proud to “hold” this possession.



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