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Replacement Awnings: Vinyl or Woven Fabric?

Understand the different types and fabrics used for awnings to best fit your awning need and situation.

Why_Vinyl_Fabric_is_the_Best_Material_for_Stadium_AwningsIf you own an RV, a restaurant, shopping center development, store front - if you are an architect, or even a specifier for building products - you should know that Herculite has been setting the standards for awning materials development and solving commercial awning issues for over six decades.

Providing a profound array of products, brands, and manufacturing designs - even technical and consulting expertise - Herculite continues to pilot major improvements for the awning industry in areas such as environmental awareness, design and materials development.

Vinyl, or Woven Acrylic Fabric, This is The Question

When you understand the different types and fabrics used for awnings, it is much easier to make the critical choices that best fits your awning need and situation.

Acrylic Awning Fabric

Acrylic is a woven fabric cloth that allows air circulation through its fibers. It is considered breathable, which allows it to dry fairly quickly anytime it gets wet. Acrylic fabrics can be water repellent but they must be routinely treated to maintain that.

Vinyl Awning Fabric

Vinyl awning fabrics are waterproof and do not require treatments. When using vinyl as an awning material fabric it is also comforting to know it is both fire resistant and mold resistant. Both types of awning fabric will fit snugly on a frame, and resist shrinking. They are both sturdy enough to last from year to year. Both fabrics can easily be customized to include graphics for a company brand.

No matter which fabric you choose from Herculite's deep bench of awning fabrics, including Coastline Plus, Patio 500, Vanguard, Weather-Chek and Natura, you can be assured that you will have some of the strongest, most weather resistant awnings on the market.

High quality awning fabrics will be soft to the touch and easy to work with, as they designed to excel in a wide range of environments. They are effective, and retain their bright colors for many years even under the glare of an intensely hot summer sun.

Herculite brands have been setting trends and quality standards since the idea and availability of the vinyl and acrylic fabric options, while testing and analyzing the safest, strongest and most environmentally sound approaches to the vinyl and acrylic awning material industry.

Investing in Quality and Innovation

When it comes to cost versus quality - Herculite has been the industry standard setter due to our longevity and focus on expert processing for high quality fabric durability and diversity of uses.

As experts on marine fabrics as well as awnings and any other vinyl fabric need - Herculite has been relied on for over half a century by major companies across the nation, and around the world.

Herculite has adapted to the outdoor and marine fabric needs of our developing industries and as a result has impacted what the commercial industries view as quality for laminated and coated outdoor and indoor fabrics.

Offering a steady stream of innovations and improvements - we are ready to work with any company with a challenge and to meet any industry with a specific need.

About Herculite Performance Fabrics:

Herculite®, Inc. has been your innovative fabric company specializing in high performance laminated fabrics for over 60 years.

We are a founder of the synthetic fabrics industry, because Herculite® has been a significant pioneer in the use of laminated fabrics in many diverse industries. From testing in our labs, to adjusting our standards for quality based on our customers need for total satisfaction - Herculite is here for any major indoor or outdoor coated or synthetic fabric need.

Regardless if your need is for vinyl or acrylic - Herculite will have the longevity, durability and colorfastness to support your long-term awning needs. Simply give our experts a call or order online - we are here to meet any need you may have, today.

If you're looking for a quality vinyl fabric, download our free guide, "Five Factors to Consider when Determining Awning Fabric Quality"

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