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Three Ways Herculite Marine Grade Fabric Stands Out from the Pack

When it comes to marine grade fabrics, quality is not only desirable but necessary. Learn the three ways Herculite's marine grade fabrics stand out.


Home_MarineFabrics_03.jpgWhen it comes to marine grade fabrics, quality is not only desirable but necessary. With the constant exposure to water, salt, wind, and sun, using a fabric that will stand up to the elements is key. A higher quality product means protecting your valuable marine investments.

In guides on everything from Bimini tops to boat covers, Boat Covers Direct stresses the importance of choosing the right marine fabric. The wrong material or a lower quality product can mean major trouble for you in the short and long term. Choosing a fabric that lacks breathability, that doesn’t properly fit, or that isn’t UV protective can compromise your boat.  

At Herculite, our marine fabrics not only meets your needs but are standouts in the field. Both our Regatta Yacht Fabric and Riviera Marine Fabric are a testament to Herculite’s commitment to manufacturing products of the highest quality offered today.

Our fabrics are designed to protect and last. Core stabilized, wrinkle free, soft and supple materials that are available in various shades, that offer full protection and that look great. We top coat our fabrics so they are easy to clean. They are colorfast so they don’t fade. Our mildew resistant and waterproof fabric is breathable and versatile, maximizing protection in every environment. The lightweight cloth offers a controlled stretch which makes fabrication a breeze.

Herculite offers a product unmatched in terms of the array of features and quality. The lightweight Marine Fabric is perfect for cockpit cover, bimini tops, boat covers, and enclosure curtains. Our products are made in America, and are compliant with FTC standards. 


An investment in innovation is central to our business and the ability to offer such a quality product means meeting the changing and growing needs of today’s consumers. Our products are the highest quality and are industry leaders offering the newest innovations in fabric technologies in areas such as waterproofing and UV resistance.

Our trademarked Weblon Regatta fabric is an industry standout. The fabric is incredibly strong and resistant. It protects and prolongs the life of any boat. The material is incredibly pliable and easy to contour for marine fabricators. The vinyl and polyester composite reflects heat, is mildew resistant, and comes in a wide array of colors.

Not only do we employ the newest features in terms of our fabrics, but our commitment to the technology is allowing us to take our manufacturing of them in exciting new directions. At Herculite we are using the best modeling programs and digital applications widening our range of product offerings and extending the application of our fabrics.

Virtual and online tools also allow you to have more control, designing and outfitting products online and off-site to meet your specific needs. We are able to customize fabrics, specializing them for a single purpose and creating a diversity of marine grade fabric applications not seen in the industry until now.

Warranty and Customer Service

Herculite is one of the companies that founded the synthetic fabric industry, and that experience allows us to offer our customers the best knowledge, care, and experience in the field. We work with everyone from small businesses to large corporations, offering each a personalized and meticulous customer service experience. We invest all the time needed to understand the exact nature of your needs and meet them. Drawing from our long history, we can help you find the perfect fabric solution for any project big or small.

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