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Tips for Making Your Pre-Owned Boat More Attractive to Buyers

Making your boat attractive to potential buyers requires an investment. Fixing key mechanical and cosmetic issues might up your boat's value.


Getting ready to sell your boat requires a significant investment - usually of both time and money. Step back and separate yourself from the watercraft, identifying which previously overlooked flaws you can and should fix. Take note of every cosmetic scratch, dent and rip on your initial inspection. After addressing and fixing superficial damage, research the accessories and extras you can buy for your boat to bring it up to speed.

What to Fix First

Mechanical Fixes

Boat buyers know what to look for when it comes to mechanical issues and they definitely won’t buy the boat without a test drive. Also, hiding a mechanical problem doesn’t make for good karma. Depending on the problem itself, either fix mechanical issues before showing the boat, or disclose them right away and lower the price of the boat accordingly. If it’s a problem you can fix either on your own or inexpensively, do so right away. More expensive repairs are usually worth making, as well, because it’s best to honestly say there are no major restorations needed when you’re speaking with potential buyers. If the problem is going to cost a lot to fix and you’d prefer to spend money on other areas of the vessel, know that you’ll probably have to subtract more than just the cost of the repair off the price.

Cosmetic Fixes

Years of use may leave your boat with scratches in the paint or in the seating areas, dents on the outside, rips in the fabric of the chairs and more. Some of these will be simple to fix and some will be more complicated, but it’s very important to fix everything within your power because, to borrow a real estate term, they greatly affect the curb appeal of the boat.

The extent of your cosmetic fixes depends on the extent of the damage. Some boats will only require a thorough cleaning. Others might necessitate a trip to a detailer who can clean it up more completely. A full waxing can upgrade the look of the boat significantly. Interior fabric issues can be more difficult, but you may be able to fix them yourself if you’re handy with fabrics, or you can find a local repair shop. The bottom line is that cosmetic fixes are often worth more than they cost you. They make the boat look so much better that you’re often able to add more than the cost of the repair itself to the price.

The Small Details

There are some extras you can purchase to make your boat more attractive to buyers as well. A boat cover is probably the best option here. Though boat covers sometimes age poorly despite being properly used, stored and maintained, boats with old, ripped or dirty covers connote a lack of care that can be very off-putting to interested buyers. This is another surface level issue that can be remedied by purchasing a nice, new boat cover. In some cases, this investment can raise the sale price of the boat significantly.

If you’re buying a boat cover in preparation for a sale, don’t settle. Sometimes, buying a high quality cover means getting a better price for your boat.

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