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The latest news and resources about Herculite's agriculture curtain fabrics. Herculite’s long-life curtains are the industry standard for the poultry, hog, and dairy markets. Herculite Ag Curtains regulate ventilation quickly, conveniently and efficiently. These curtains are available using clear, translucent white, blackout fabrics, and specialty constructions are manufactured to order.


Best Practices for Care and Maintenance of Agricultural Curtains

Over the past 30 years, Herculite personnel have built relationships with hundreds of producers and visited dozens of sites, and through that process, discovered a few simple practices to help extend ...

Renegade Ag

Herculite Partners with Renegade Plastics to Offer Recyclable Barn Curtain

Herculite® Products Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of high-performance and custom fabrics, is pleased to partner with Renegade Plastics to offer a recyclable alternative as a part of its i...

Ag Curtain Installation Picture

Herculite On Demand® New Curtain Builder

Innovation can take many forms. Herculite tries to evaluate our products from our customer’s perspective, asking questions and interacting with our customer partners to find ways to help our customers...


Agricultural Building Curtains Buyer’s Guide

As a livestock producer, your animals are your lifeblood. You may have raised many of them from birth, you spend every day caring for them, and they help support your family. Therefore, it’s understan...

6 Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas That Don’t Require Land

When most people think of money-making agriculture business ideas, their first inclination is to search for land to buy. For many, that’s not an option, though. The amount of investment that goes into...

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