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A Tent Rental for Your Wedding

A tent rental made with Herculite Tent Fabric is a popular choice for Weddings.

Tent_Rental_FabricYou've recently become engaged, and you're planning your wedding day. One of the most important decisions is the venue. A tent rental made with Herculite Tent Fabric is a popular choice, as it gives you lots of scope to plan a personally themed wedding that has a touch of the outdoors.

What Type of Tent?

During your planning, you can choose between a classic canopy or a large multi-roomed tent, or anything in between. You may decide on a single chamber, or you may want to incorporate anterooms for your charming wedding cake and the bar or dance floor.

Types of wedding tents include:

  • Push-pole tents - These tents have a high center pole and a series of shorter support poles. Anchor ropes and stakes are part of the design, and you need to allow about seven feet of clear space around the exterior.
  • Tension tents - These are similar to push-pole tents, but have fewer poles, and often come in larger sizes.
  • Frame tents - These require no interior poles or anchor ropes, and are ideal for smaller spaces and can be placed on concrete or other impermeable surfaces.
  • Canopies - They have no sidewalls, interior poles, or anchor ropes, but rest on a roof frame and exterior legs.

Additionally, you can incorporate traditionally shaped windows, a translucent ceiling, or a window wall into your wedding tent.

The Size of Your Tent

To be able to calculate the size of your tent you need to have a good idea of how many guests you are expecting. Your tent rental company will be able to assist you or you can do your own research. The size of the tent is based on the number of people attending, and takes into account the type of meal to be served, the space for the bar, restrooms, dance floor, and band or DJ.

Where to Place the Tent

A number of factors to consider and attend to:

  • Are you using a private garden or renting a space? Farms, public parks, and historical sites often rent out areas for wedding tents.
  • What is the ground like? Rocky, damp, or muddy ground will dictate the type of floor that you will need. The best option is flat, high ground with no big trees or other obstacles.
  • What are the local regulations for a tent wedding? You need to check on the zoning regulations with regard to vehicle parking and loud music at night.
  • Does your insurance cover you for liability when you serve alcohol? If you are using unlicensed premises, check out what you're responsible for.
  • Do you have a power source? You may be able to use mains electricity for temperature control and lighting or you may need to hire a generator.

It's very important to get your tent rental company to inspect the property you want to use, as they know what to look for when deciding where to place your wedding tent.

Safety First

Of course, you want your guests to be safe in your wedding tent. Check with your tent rental company what type of fabric they use for their tents. For example, Herculite® manufacture tent fabrics that have undergone stringent testing to make sure that they are safe. Their Showtime® and Architent® fabrics are certified flame resistant and their fabrics have a material safety data sheet (MSDS) that provides ingredients and other important data.

If you're opting to have a tent venue for your wedding, remember to contact the tent rental company as early as possible so that they can view the site and give you a detailed timeline. Then you know you can relax and enjoy your day.

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