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Advances in Fabric Technology: A Look at the Future

The next few years are likely to see some amazing innovations when it comes to fabric technology.

rolls-of-fabric.jpgTechnical fabrics, what are they? These specialty textiles include a variety of products including sports clothing, conductive fabrics used in spaceships, military and industrial grade tents, and more.

Things like waterproof clothing and tents, fire retardant gloves and suits, armor, and even medical clothing and materials are all part of the technical fabric industry. We’ve come a long way from just using linens and cotton for clothing and other products. Today, technical fabrics are part of our daily lives. From the antimicrobial mattress to the water resistant boat cover, technical fabrics have advanced tremendously.

But what’s in store for the future? We know that nanotechnology is making a push. We know that we can incorporate lights and wires into fabrics. But what’s next? There’s talk of mood sensing fabrics that can be used in clothing. There’s even talk of 3D printing of clothing!

There's also talk of putting computer chips or something called Near Field Communication (NFC) devices in clothing. These chips would provide a potential customer the ability to swipe a device over the chip and receive more options about the article of clothing being looked at. Amazing right? But there’s more. Developments are being made in color-changing fabrics! Imagine, your shirt could change colors just by the amount of light changing the basic structure of the material.

Really, there’s a ton of ideas and technologies advancing our textile products. Today we have fire retardant materials, bullet proof armor, antimicrobial clothing, water resistant fabrics, and curl resistant textiles used in banner sign production. 

It’s important to remember that you have options when purchasing a specialty fabric for your next project. That’s why at Herculite Inc. technically-advanced performance fabrics are part of the product line. From curl free banner sign textiles to the Sure-Chek medical line of fabrics, Herculite offers a variety of performance fabric products that feature a wide range of technologically advanced materials. 

Why are flexible PVC composite textiles such powerful performance fabrics? Download our white paper — The Flexible PVC Composite Textile Advantage to find out.

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