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Fabric Structures that Last

Fabric structures offer a cost-effective solution for events and shading needs.

Party_Event_Tent_Edited1Fabric structures are part of our daily lives. You see them at theme parks, circuses, and outdoor events. In fact, structures come in many different shapes, types, sizes and materials. It’s actually quite amazing when one thinks about just how many structures are made from fabric! The uses for fabric structures have a wide range of applications and include but are not limited to:

  • Tents; Party Tents; Outdoor Tents
  • Bimini Tops; Dodgers; other Marine Covers
  • Awnings
  • Shade Structures
  • Portable Shelters and Other Architectural Applications
  • Greenhouses

From a tent structure at a wedding, to dodgers on a boat, awnings on a building, and even those intimidating portable structures you might see in a movie, fabric structures have a variety of uses and applications. Just from looking at the list above, you can already see the versatility of these structures.

So what are these fabric structures made from anyway? There are a number of textiles that can be used in creating structures and include:

  • Acrylics
  • Polyesters
  • Vinyl-Laminated Polyesters
  • Vinyl-Coated Polyesters
  • Fiberglass
  • Olefin/Polyolefin
  • Blackout Fabric

So why would anyone want to use a fabric structure anyway? Well they offer a cost-effective solution for events and shading needs. In fact, tent structures are great for outdoor parties, weddings, and other events because they provide an aesthetically pleasing tent that can be made to order in terms of color and size and offer guests shade from harmful UV rays, a place to gather and rest and protection from wind and rain. But how or where can you get fabric structure textiles? Herculite Inc. offers a line of tent and structure fabrics that offer products from clean span structures to party tents and sidewall applications. Herculite’s Core Stabilized Process also ensures the highest level of dimensional stability and resistance to stretch so tent fabrics have maximum performance.

Stakes, poles, and other frame types are used to support the shape and size of a fabric structure. Using quality fabric that stays tight on the frame and offers water, mildew, stain, and odor resistance is important when it comes to fabric structures. You don’t want your tent or dodger to get worn out easily. Also it’s important to remember that tensile strength is an important component of a good fabric structure. Why? Because tensile strength is a basic indicator of relative strength and is a fundamental part of tensile structures like tents. Without tension, the structure would simply collapse into a pile of fabric.

Now that we know what fabric structures are and how they are used, the next time inside a tent or enjoying the great big blue sea, take a look at what you’re standing under, it’s probably made of fabric!

For more information about fabric structures including tents and marine applications, contact Herculite Inc. at www.herculite.com

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