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Three Reasons Event Rental Companies Should Consider Herculite Fabrics

Large wedding tents are a major investment, so you should choose a product that is tested, known for its quality, and reliability. Herculite is the answer.


Large wedding tents are a major investment. That’s why you should choose a product that is tested, known for its quality, and state of the art. Herculite offers top-of-the-line fabric which is engineered to be ideal for wedding tents. Their material will impress your customers with its elegance, and impress you with its durability. Here are a few of its key features:

1. State-of-the-Art Blackout Technology

Many of Herculite’s state-of-the-art tent materials include blackout technology. This triple layered blackout fabric is made of a proprietary polyester vinyl composite formulation with an extra layer of coating to ensure performance. Low quality tent materials can develop small holes over time due to wear and tear, creating a constellation effect.

Herculite’s state-of-the-art blackout fabric is especially appealing to event planners. The blackout technology allows them to create their own lightscape for the event, giving the wedding party total freedom to decorate the interior without making concessions for any natural light that may creep in through less advanced fabrics. Your customers can start from scratch to illuminate the space and ensure consistency for day-to-night events - what’s happening outside will not affect the guests within the tent. Because our blackout fabric is triple layered, it provides some noise canceling properties for guests within the tent as well.

2. Aesthetics

When your customers come to you to make their venue just right, you need to be able to offer them exactly what they want. Herculite fabric comes in so many varieties you’re sure to have what they’re looking for, and because our fabric is so durable you can invest confidently in an inventory of our products.

Herculite has extensively increased our color choices for standard tent fabric. We’ve expanded our available colors from 17 standard colors to 40 customizable colors. With our high quality fabrics, you can be sure the color is vibrant and consistent in natural light so guests under the tent will see a unified palette. Lower quality fabrics often lack this capacity and will appear splotchy when sunlight shines through.

Herculite’s wedding tent fabric is durable, but not at the cost of elegance. Your customers need a smooth and consistent outer fabric to provide an attractive backdrop for their event. Our textiles are easy to clean thanks to their RainKleenTM finish, which will save your staff breakdown and prep time. It also ensures the fabric stays flawless longer, thus increasing the life of the tent and saving you money on repairs or replacements.

 3. Size and Strength

When customers ask you for a big wedding tent, they expect you to deliver the right size without sacrificing quality or safety. The larger the tent, the better fabric you’ll require. Two important factors to consider are tensile strength and tear strength.

With tensile strength, look for a wide seam fabric like the one Herculite offers. Wide seam fabric has fewer points of weakness, therefore it has less chance of tearing. The stronger the fabric, the larger and more complex setup you can offer customers. With the spike in demand for unusual big wedding tents, having this kind of flexibility will set you apart from other rental companies.

No one would pick just any fabric for a wedding gown or table linens, so why settle for subpar tent material? Quality fabrics ensure that your wedding tent stays durable and beautiful. Download our free whitepaper, ‘Why It's So Important for Your Wedding Tent Rental to Have Quality Fabric’ today.




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