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Tent Fabric

How to Clean Vinyl Fabrics

Understanding how to care for and cleaning vinyl fabric is the first step in ensuring you enjoy your PVC fabric product and also make it last.

Tent Fabric

Opaque Fabric Uses: What Are they?

Opaque textiles, also known as blackout fabrics, do not allow light to pass through or penetrate them. Learn more about what they are and how they...


Rand Ledbetter Retires After 20 Year Career

Herculite Products, a manufacturer of high performance fabrics has announced that Rand Ledbetter will retire after thirty years in the textile...

Tent Fabric

Shedding Some Light on Textile UV Testing

In UV testing of performance fabric there are several different testing processes that can be used to evaluate Ultra Violet Light Exposure.

Awning Fabrics

Do's and Don'ts of Awning Care

Awning fabrics can suffer from dirt accumulations especially in a shady location, cleaning with a hose, soap, and soft brush will keep it looking...

Agriculture Fabrics

Agricultural Building Curtains Buyer’s Guide

Here are so many types of livestock barn curtains curtains to choose from, but which ones should you invest in? What matters most is the quality of...

Fabrics 101

Adhesion Testing Performance Textiles

Adhesion testing determines the bond strength between the outside layer (PVC in most cases), and the internal substrate of a composite fabric.