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Conductive Fabrics 101

Conductive fabrics are relatively new to the specialty fabrics industry. What are they, how can they be used, and what does the future hold?

Agriculture Fabrics

Herculite On Demand® New Curtain Builder

Herculite On Demand® and Curtain Builder is another example of a Herculite Innovation built to help make the process of designing and fabricating ag...

Performance Fabrics

PVC Vinyl Fabrics: What You Need to Know

Learn why polyvinyl chloride textiles, commonly known as PVC fabrics, are so versatile and popular for a wide range of commercial uses.

Tent Fabric

Fire Retardant Fabrics 101

Learn about the different types of flame resistance in fabrics, as well as the many standards for textile fire retardancy, and their many uses.

Performance Fabrics

Complete Guide to Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics, or artificial or artificial fabrics, are textiles made from chemically produced fibers like poylester, nylon, acrylic, PVC, and...