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Temporary Enclosure Ideas for Every Event

Get inspiration for temporary event enclosures that will make your event feel perfect, whether it’s a one-night affair or a season-long extravaganza.


Whether you’re hosting a party that lasts one night or a pop-up that lasts all season, you can’t overlook the importance of your temporary structure. 

A high-quality structure can contribute to a great atmosphere and lead to a successful event. A poorly constructed structure can tarnish your reputation or brand image — or worse, lead to your guests getting rained on.

This article will focus specifically on temporary enclosures — that is, tents and structures with walls that keep the weather out and the fun in.

Defining Your Temporary Enclosure Needs

The kind of temporary enclosure you need can vary massively depending on the nature of your event, and choosing the wrong kind of enclosure can result in disaster. 

Here are some questions you should know the answers to before you buy, rent, or design a temporary enclosure.

How long will your structure stand?

“Temporary” could mean one day or one year, depending on the context. Tents designed to last a day should not be counted on to last a month or even a week. On the other hand, you shouldn’t go overboard and build a semi-permanent structure if a more affordable, short-term tent will do. 

Side note: if you’re planning on using and re-using your enclosure, even if it’s only up for a day at a time, you actually need a sturdier structure, due to the stress and damage caused by setup, packing, and tear-down. 

Where will your structure live?

Will your structure be built on grass or concrete (or some other material)?

The answer will determine what kind of enclosure you can create. For example, pole tents can only be built on grass, dirt, or other soft surfaces, while frame tents are best for asphalt. 

In what weather will your structure be used?

If your temporary enclosure needs to block the wind, rain, or snow, the requirements will be different than if it’s being used on a mild summer day.

If your enclosure needs to be heated or cooled, then you’re going to have to pay careful attention to the materials used and the construction to ensure hot or cold air isn’t escaping unnecessarily through permeable textiles or poorly stitched seams. 

In what jurisdiction will your structure be built?

Event tents aren’t exempt from building codes just because they’re temporary. 

Check your city and state regulations to ensure you have the right permits and that your materials are up to code.

Temporary Enclosure Ideas for Your Event

If you were ready to settle for an ordinary temporary event enclosure, you wouldn’t be reading this post. 

So, let’s explore some ways you can take your event tent game to the next level.


Use high-end materials.

Trying to make your event feel a little more exclusive gala and a little less backyard barbecue? Don’t skimp on the textiles used in your structure. 

There’s a big difference in appearance, durability, performance, and even safety between cheap imported textiles and high-quality U.S.-made textiles.


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This matters even more when we’re talking about enclosures. Clear vinyl panels are a popular choice for the walls of temporary structures because they mimic windows. But choose the wrong clear vinyl material and your enclosure could look a little more like an old plastic bag than a beautiful solarium. 

That’s because cheap clear vinyl panels can come with haze, dimples, and distortion. On the other hand, industry-leading products like PanoramaFR are designed to be crystal clear and free of distortion. 

Side note: Say you’re buying or renting a tent instead of designing one from scratch — do you have a say in what materials go into it? Yes! Just ask your vendor where they supply their materials. A little extra research can go a long way. 

Add a little flair. 

Sometimes all it takes to add a magical feeling to your temporary enclosure is a little decoration.

Plants, lighting fixtures, and hanging sculptures can all take your enclosure to the next level. Take a look at Pinterest for mood boards full of event tent inspiration.

Do you even need a tent? 

Tents are the first choice for many outdoor events because of their affordability and versatility. However, they’re not your only choice.

For small spaces such as retail pop-ups, you might consider a shipping container or a custom portable structure. 

Not worried about rain? You might not need an enclosure at all. How about a flowy canopy or a tuscan-style trellis setup?

About PanoramaFR and Strataglass

PanoramaFR is a flame-resistant, press-polished clear vinyl sheet produced by Strataglass LLC (a subsidiary of Herculite Products, Inc.), a leader in the manufacturing and development of high-quality performance textiles.

PanoramaFR features zero haziness, fish-eye effects, dimples, or distortions, making it an ideal choice for temporary event enclosures wherever clarity, durability, strength, and flexibility are required for a flexible window.

Learn more about PanoramaFR


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