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Three Ways Herculite Performance Fabrics Impact the Bottom Line

When purchasing performance fabrics for your organization, there are several variables that factor into making a decision.


When purchasing performance fabrics for your organization, there are several variables that factor into making a decision. Companies want to invest in high-quality materials that increase the desirability of their product, while reducing cost. Similarly, the team at Herculite performance fabrics analyzes several factors, providing customers with products that fit their needs and improve their bottom line.

Herculite is an organization that prides itself on innovation, down to its founding as one of the 
original synthetic fabric companies. This spirit of ingenuity can be found throughout the company, from engineers to salespersons. Herculite’s nuanced discovery methodology process is tailored to identifying customers’ intended applications and involves a collaborative effort with your organization’s primary stakeholders. Working together, the team executes on key initiatives and ensures that agreed-upon objectives are met throughout and even after the process.

Herculite uses this discovery methodology process to improve customers’ bottom line. Information culled from this detailed method helps the team at Herculite make informed decisions that maximize your return on investment.

Reducing Costs

The first aspect relates to how Herculite fabrics will reduce overall costs. Purchasing an inexpensive item up front does not necessarily result in savings. Long-term value is more important and Herculite provides its clients with a product that fits their precise needs. Replacing lesser-performing fabrics with high-grade Herculite material provides a net savings in the long term.

Herculite controls production through all stages of the process and designs materials to fit your specific applications. In the case of one agricultural organization, this resulted in the curtain’s estimated lifespan doubling that of standard poly tarp curtains. These curtains were resistant to rodent nesting and chewing and were resistant to the type of wear-and-tear that accompanies that ag-curtain application.

Another example is antimicrobial synthetic bedding. While more expensive up-front, these fabrics make infections easier to control in hospital and dormitory settings. Yes, simple cotton linens would be less expensive up-front, but the long-term cost of fighting off infections negates those early savings.

Improving Efficiency

The next test is how the performance fabrics will increase efficiency. The Herculite team will review your organization’s purchasing history with the goal of reducing inventory and consolidation of raw materials. Herculite also works to improve logistics for your company, reducing lead time and lowering customer inventory levels, while increasing fulfillment measures.

A large manufacturing company used Herculite materials for a composite construction that resulted in one yard of scrap fabric each time a roll was changed out. The Herculite team devised a strategy that reduced scrap by nine yards per thousand and saved the customer over $20,000 annually. Not only did it cut down on excess materials, it saved the manufacturer $120,000 annually by cutting the need for one person per shift to loading the rolls.

For their canvas top Tonneau covers, an automotive accessory company moved to one made by Herculite that was 66% the cost of the previous material. After identifying the materials that fit the company’s specific application needs, the company reported savings of $25,000 a year versus their aftermarket fabric.

Increasing Sales

The final question the team focuses on is how their fabric will help increase customer sales. The manufacturing company was missing out on sales because they were unable to supply large rolls to their customers. With the help of Herculite they added to their product offering by providing rolls of finished product that were 10 times larger than previously available.

Herculite products improve a product’s performance with just a minor impact on the selling price. By bringing an improved product with few price changes to the market, one Herculite customer was able to increase sales by five percent a year for five years. The automotive accessory company that worked with Herculite secured a contract with a major American car manufacturer worth multiple millions of dollars. This contract was secured in large part due to the improved quality of the product’s fabrics.

Along with identifying the perfect product for your organization’s application, Herculite performance fabrics have a positive impact on the bottom line by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and boosting sales. Their team of designers and salespeople work with your organization to understand its specific needs and applications. Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, Herculite works with you to find a round peg that perfectly fits your application.

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