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How the Hospital Bed Helps the Patient

Hospital bed mattresses can be made using gel, foam, or even air as interior support materials. How can a hospital bed help a patient?

Antimicrobial Fabrics

What is a Pressure Redistribution Mattress?

A pressure management mattress is a specialized device which redistributes pressure across the body in order to mitigate issues for bedridden...

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Pressure Management Mattresses in Health Care

Pressure management ulcer prevention as well as prevention of other superficial skin injuries is a vital aspect of inpatient hospital care.

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Care and Cleaning Hospital Mattress Fabrics

Hospital mattress fabrics will wear with use. You can easily maintain by washing your hospital mattress with ideal cleaning solutions.

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Medical Bedding: Anatomy of a Mattress

Mattresses come in three types: innerspring, foam and polyester, and air-supported. Medical mattresses contribute more than patient care.

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How to Care For Antimicrobial Medical Fabrics

Medical fabric care to mitigate cross-contamination of pathogens while ensuring the longevity of the materials and their bacteria-killing properties.

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Phthalate Law in Medical Bedding Fabrics

The law requires that the amount of phthalate and heavy metals which contain DEHP, DBP, or BBP in childern's products to be no more than 0.1%.