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Fabric Industry

Stepping Away from the Fiscal Cliff

Lets step away from the fiscal cliff with a positive attitude. Together in 2013 we can grow and prosper no matter what Washington throws at us.

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Medical Bedding: Anatomy of a Mattress

Mattresses come in three types: innerspring, foam and polyester, and air-supported. Medical mattresses contribute more than patient care.

Antimicrobial Fabrics

How to Care For Antimicrobial Medical Fabrics

Medical fabric care to mitigate cross-contamination of pathogens while ensuring the longevity of the materials and their bacteria-killing properties.

Performance Fabrics

A Five Minute Guide to SDS

Safety data sheets (SDS) have been a required record keeping and safety standard at Herculite Products and the entire U.S. since 1986.