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Tent Fabric

Party Tents & UV Rays Protection

Considering an outdoor party, event, or wedding? Using Party tents or other fabric structures is one way you can protect your guests from UV rays.

Tent Fabric

Fabric Structures that Last

Fabric structures offer a cost-effective solution for events and shading needs.

Tent Fabric

Party Tent Rental Shade Solutions

Here are some things to consider before you rent or purchase a party tent that will offer both functionality and some shade solutions.

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Choose the Right Wedding Tent

Herculite’s Structure and Tent Fabrics are made with its Core Stabilized Process, ensuring the highest level of dimensional stability

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How to Choose a Party Tent

Here are some things to consider before choosing a party tent for your special occasion

Tent Fabric

Best Fabric for Your Tent Structure

Using the right material for your tent structure is essential when it comes to protecting from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun and moisture.

Tent Fabric

The Popularity of Party Tents

Event Tents have three distinct advantages when it comes to events that helps fuel their popularity: